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Dr Rima Laibow Exposes Genocidal Plot

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This garbage was already posted here.
Rima's boyfriend Ret.Gen Stubblebine

Ret.Gen Stubblebine's business partner.


Aquino was tied to The Franklin Coverup written By John DeCamp


Ret.Col John Alexander,NSA General Michael Aquino and Stubblebine
formed this company. http://www.remoteviewing.com/

But hey Aquino's a good guy!



"After his retirement from the Army in 1984 he served until 1990 as the Vice President for Intelligence Systems at BDM Corporation, a private defense sector contractor, and then acted as a part-time consultant to two government contractors; ERIM, and Space Applications Corporation (SAC). More recently, and along with his wife, the psychiatrist Rima Laibow, Stubblebine sat on the Board of Canadian Submarine Technologies Inc, and claimed to be the designer of AEGIS, "a major Homeland Security private initiative."

Hi Ken,

Just noted that Rima Laibow and company demanded equal time... sounds like the kettle calling the pot black... Her husband, General Stubblebine is associated with Col. John Alexander, Ret. and Col. Michael Acquino, Ret. in a company called PsychTech or PsiTech... A review of the various web sites shows all of them involved in non-lethal weapons and mind-control, both during their military careers and subsequently.

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I like her.

She's cute.

It was probably the pandas.