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Pride is the biggest problem in the world.

I would suggest that,in essence,democrat and republican politicians are actors playing a role,either willingly or unwillingly depending on their individual intelligence,awareness or character.They play to people's sense of pride in their "group" while they really act in their own self interest.In the end,principles would make political parties irrelevant if enough people united behind principles such as truth,freedom,peace and goodwill towards man.I think the biggest obstruction to this and the most destructive force to the human race in general, is the spirit of pride.I think greed,jealously,hatred,selfishness,dishonesty,injustice and corruption can all be attributed to the spirit of pride.It is pride that makes people reluctant to admit it when they are wrong and basically avoid the truth and their own conscience when it does not fit their chosen"belief system" or "self interest".It is the spirit of pride that makes people do insane things to follow their beloved "group" or "love of themselves".Their "group" may be one that is based on race,religious denomination,nationality or political party..Pride is especially dangerous because most people are not even aware that the spirit of pride exists!Once I became aware of my own pride it made it so much easier to understand why I as well as others act,say,think and feel the way we do about so many things.. If this makes sense to you,you might appreciate the video linked here..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiaxZ_BJWDA&feature=player_de...

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