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Don't close your mind with conspiracy theories

There has been a lot of discussion here lately about conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists, particularly in regards to the reporting from Sandy Hook Elementary School. The term "conspiracy theory" itself has been used for decades as a tool to discredit people, so I don't like even using it. Often the people discredited have been associated with the "liberty movement", and have been discredited, for example, for pointing out the fraud perpetrated by the federal reserve, asking questions about the motivating factors leading to war, or questioning the motives of international organizations that dictate domestic policy. In many cases, these issues are real, not theories. The media and government have been proven to spread lies in order to push an agenda. A healthy dose of skepticism is therefore warranted when evaluating the facts. The problem that I see is that you can follow the skepticism so far until you don't believe anything is real, including what is right in front of your eyes. People like David Icke question the nature of reality itself, and have suggested that we are all living in some sort of controlled and planned false reality that is much like a video game. When skepticism is taken to such an extreme, you no longer have your eyes open to real problems around you. In that case, your mind becomes as closed as the sheeple who refuse to question anything that is put in front of them.

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Quantum Physics

THAT'S what I get from David Icke's theories. Nothing nuts about quantum physics.


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I agree with

asking tons of questions. Nothing at all wrong with that. It is weird to me though because the people who simply believe the MSM and mainstream theories about everything in life are called sheep, but the ones who believe everything is a conspiracy are not called sheep. Are they not falling in line with a crowd also? Maybe a different crowd, but falling in line all the same.

I have read a little David Icke. I think he makes some good points. Hell, there is a part of me that believes the simulation theory is a legitimate one. I do not believe in shape shifting reptilians controlling our world.

Falling in line and accepting the MSM as the truth is dangerous, but so is accepting everything the more "alternative" talking heads put out there.

The Simulation Theory


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Were doin' great right up

Were doin' great right up till you used the word "sheeple". Still you voted up. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Festive Kwanzaa, etc...

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