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The Grinches that Stole Chrtistmas in 2012

The lack of empathy of these people at the top. The think of their own power and the own increase in wealth. I do not think of these people as royalty. I do not think of them as nothing special. They are Robber Barons and frauds. The have taken over most of high finance by fraud and deceit holding humanity to a debt they do not owe for their own gain at everyone’s expense.

While these people will be warm by a fireplace this Christmas eve bragging how they have duped humanity and have utter contempt for the common person. They do not have our values. They have no sense for right or wrong. They have no pity for their fellow-man. They are psychopaths, sociopathic and narcissist. They have no thought of the consequences or how it will hurt other people.

They have caused people to lose their jobs. They have made many homeless. They say it is just good business to force people out of their homes and losing their jobs. It is good business to them to make people lose it all and manipulate the price of food. They have played games with people’s lives. Many people will not have a Christmas this year because to the money junkies. It is good business no matter how many people were hurt. They want to take all the private retirement accounts from people who worked all their lives to save for their golden years. They say to steal is good business. It is not, it is wrong.

read the list of Grinches click link below

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