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Agenda 21 - The Plan of Action for the 21st Century - Steal Your Freedom, Your RIGHTS, Your LAND, Everything You Love and Value

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=sLqs_ph_8wA...

Please take a few moments and watch the video. Listen and watch long enough to see the maps of future America! This is how we will lose our freedom, by stealth. They will indoctrinate an entire generation of children with media/government lies and propaganda leading to complete mind control. It is happening even now. Get them used to armed guards in the schools and airports, and eventually on street corners, as we see in fascist countries. This is the Agenda 21 Plan.

Transfer the loyalty of the children from the family to the government. They want WORKERS, not thinkers. The dumbing down of America is not our imagination, but rather it is what the elite want. You will own no property. The plan is for the entire population to live in small high rise apartments crowded into a few MEGA cities located along rail lines that will take the workers where they are needed to work on government run projects. Only useful WORKERS will be allowed to live. Obamacare has clauses to this effect already, promoting euthanasia of the elderly, and then more will be added to the list.

The beautiful places on the planet and in American will be for the rich only, and children will not even know they exist. They will be born into slavery and know nothing else. This is the plan. Envision Communist Russia or China or Nazi Germany to get the idea, and this will be worse. Complete lack of freedom or privacy. Complete enslavement to the global elite. "Individual rights will take a back seat to the collective."

We need to wake up and not allow this plan to go forward, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Once the brainwashing and hypnosis is done it will be very difficult to turn it around. Think of MK ULTRA and hypnosis on a grand scale. Let us NOT allow this to happen.

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I know, shameless, but this is really important and shows the BIG picture of what is happening right now.