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Anyone heard of the book "The British Experiment" ?

Several years ago, I heard about a book called "The British Experiment" or MAYBE "The British Experience." It deals with statistics, etc. of gun control in GB, proving that gun control has NOT lowered crime, etc.

Now, I can not find it anywhere. Does anyone else know about this book or where it can be found??

EDIT: The book is actually titled Guns and Violence: The English Experience by Joyce Lee Malcolm


Thank u to all for the helpful feedback.

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Imagine trying to find scarce things if you have very limited perception such as Helen Keller?


Thank u. Found the book I'm looking for.

The book is actually entitled Guns and Violence: The English Experience by Joyce Lee Malcolm


Great article by Paul Craig Roberts u shared. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks too.

I don't know if the next link will help you, but I think that it will help you. The next link offers a more comprehensive explanation of what can be called The English Experience, and it involves the use of defensive power (or "arms").


The history leading up to common law, trial by jury, due process, every man (free man) a king in his own castle, etc., is based upon the concept of having the power to defend all that good stuff.

The first thing that has to happen is the knowledge of the need to defend one's self, and those who could help in the effort.


Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts.

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Thank you

Very good find!!