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Emergency Patriot Information Alert


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Oooh, had to bump down.

I've heard her before. She should stick to econ/financ. That's where she belongs. Hating is not the way to go---especially when her hate has a religious backbone.

Don't bother "watching all the way through"...

When she said, "Do you want your great-great-granddaughters to live under a Marxisit/Islamist tyranny .. to have their [female parts] cut off at the age of six, and then to be married off to a 65-yr old pedophile..." SHE IS THE MOST IGNORANT PERSON I'VE EVER HEARD! Only 3 mins into this crap and she is spewing religous hate... Our country has no need for this divide and conquer ASS. Whose side is she on again??

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

I'd be a Bernhardt enemy

I am a Roman Catholic, and my political experience is quite different than what Bernhardt is suggesting.. and she doesn't think much about our lives.. We did not briung this upon ourselves.. she's underestimateling tptb, and she said that she would rather be in prison.. what a waste.. how many are willing to be executed?

filthy mouth is really a turn off.

Still important to hear

Filthy mouth for good reason

For what purpose?

Had Ron Paul talked like Bardhart, I would not be a Republican, nor would I remain in America, not that I know where I would go. So I don't see what good this information is. It's fearmonering and loathing and not productive, but destructive, and spoken like the Devil himself was pulling the strings.