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Rand Paul: Don't Start Foreign Aid Cuts with Israel


Well, Merry Christmas to Israel.

Senator Rand Paul says he is against foreign aid, but he apparently wants to cut off foreign aid in some kind of order.

The Kentucky Courier-Journal's James R. Carroll reports on an interview he had with Rand:

Paul said that foreign aid cuts “should start with countries who have not been good allies. ... I wouldn’t start with Israel.

“Whether or not we can afford to continue aid to Israel over time? There needs to be discussion with Israel over them being more independent over time.”

The article did not specify what specific countries Rand would cut off first and did not specify how Rand determines countries to not be "good allies."


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Look at it this way ...

... if Rand is confusing us, he's probably confusing the neocons, too.


He might also be speaking to a wider audience, which can only help.

Still, we gotta keep an eye on the critter.

Lmao critter! Yeah man I just

Lmao critter! Yeah man I just don't get it! Everytime I say ok I'm going to accept Rand, then he says this! Why? WTH

juan maldonado

Rand is doing the smart thing!

With his stance on foreign aid, he isn't saying anything that contradicts our views! On the contrary. He is just smart enough to formulate it politically, and he targets our goals in a more gradual manner. If you don't understand this... you must have some kind of blinders on.

What!? Then how far do you go

What!? Then how far do you go with it? When does it stop? People called me stupid for calling him out on the Iran vote, so what about now? I think he's bought off guys! Sad to say...

juan maldonado

Another smart move by Rand, start the cuts elsewhere first.

For those that say this is not Ron's position you need to go look at the debates when Ron suggested cutting foreign spending before spending at home.

Neither Rand or Ron are pure libertarians.

They are on our side though and opposed to the corruption.

Once we cut spending to the Arab states we can also cut funding to Israel.

This is about a dog fight racket, both sides are being funded and it must stop somewhere.

That much Rand is right about.


"For those that say this is

"For those that say this is not Ron's position you need to go look at the debates when Ron suggested cutting foreign spending before spending at home." Huh?

What are you talking about? Of course he did, BUT, when did Ron Paul suggest cutting aid to some nations, but not others? When did he single out Israel for kidgloves treatment? Ron Paul suggested ending ALL foreign aid. Try again. Many of us will not support Rand till he stops saying stupid things like what he was quoted as saying.

And given Israel's role in 9/11 (see War by Deception), we should do more than just cut aid. Israel, as an apartheid "Jewish" state, needs to go. That does not mean we kick out the Jews who live there. Just enact regime change there. Ironic huh?

How is Ron Paul not a pure

How is Ron Paul not a pure libertarian? Talk about Rand when you say that! I'm sorry you're always suppose to follow the constitution. I mean what world do you live in?

juan maldonado

Ron is not a pure

Ron is not a pure libertarian. His positions on immigration and abortion make that distinction more clear. His views are arguably libertarian-conservative or maybe even "libertarian-Texan" (if I may be so bold).

(Incidentally, to the down-voters... this is not a slam against Ron. If he wanted to be a Libertarian, he would've abandoned the Republicans decades ago. And if it's any consolation, I happen to believe it is a near impossibility for a true Libertarian to be elected president in the US. Why? Because Libertarianism is the antithesis of intertwined, corrupting influences in politics and it seeks the elimination of government powers.)

I still don't understand what

I still don't understand what you mean? Immigration? Abortion? You do know RP is pro-life right?

juan maldonado

the issue of abortion is also

the issue of abortion is also an argument inside the libertarian movement. It is life vs freedom... do we allow people to kill a child or have the freedom to live without the burden they have created. In fact, Ron is a voluntaryist... or an anarchist thats as pure as you get pretty much.

Yes but those who agree with the MSM believe choice is part..

..of being libertarian.

While REAL libertarians know that you can not have liberty if your life is not sacred.


"No real libertarian"

Kind of like how 'No True Scotsman' could turn down haggis?

"libertarian" has taken on such a broad meaning to so many people, that it won't be long until it becomes irrelevant, like so many other isms before it.

A signature used to be here!

The only thing relevant is that Libertarians throw many elected

The only thing relevant is that Libertarians throw many elected offices to Democrats by way of splitting the conservative vote.

There are as many Libertarians as there are NeoCons but the Libertarians split their vote between two parties while the NeoCons all vote Republican.

If Libertarians were to all come home to the Republican Party as Ron Paul has been asking us to do we could have control of many more party positions and completely overtake the leadership of the Republican Party in possibly a majority of states.

This is my hope for 2014 and beyond... is that we conservatives would not be divided by Fox News and the liars in the media, that we would simply do what Ron Paul has asked us to do and TAKE OVER the Republican Party once and for all forcing the NeoCons to get out of politics or find a new home.

I will NEVER support a 3rd party. Ron already demonstrated to us in 1988 that that approach is not at all viable.

Oh, dear. When Republicans

Oh, dear. When Republicans become more Libertarian, I will rejoin their circle of self-congratulatory, backslapping election losers. Their resistance to accepting a wider swath of humanity (aka non-Christians) is making them a modern fringe party.

Ron is certainly not an

Ron is certainly not an anarchist. His longstanding position in government is a testament to that fact.

They're not allies

They refuse to sign any treaties and have a history of spying on and bombing US targets. They have no allies because they refuse to sign treaties, because if they signed a treaty they'd have to admit to where their boundaries are and they don't believe that they have any boundaries, they believe 'God' promised them the whole world. I use 'they' as Israel officially, I doubt the people who consider themselves citizens of Israel are that silly. I also think the 'God' who promised them the land is the same one that offered Jesus 'all the land he could see'.

hard to say whether he's just being diplomatic or . . .

what he's doing--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

surely the best way to appeal

surely the best way to appeal to the most people is to espouse cutting foreign aid to, in the public's eye, the most beloved ally of the US before all other countries. yup, that is practical and sure to gather support.

At some point, our leaders

At some point, our leaders need to start telling their constituents the truth. Rand is doing that on the Israel issue.

I guess i forgot to leave my

I guess i forgot to leave my principles at home with Ron Paul.

and perhaps

your sarcasm detector as well?


A signature used to be here!

Saying this could be what Rand needs to say to cut any aid...

I will speak out when Rand does things that he aught no better than to do, sanctions ect...

We can only hope what Rand is doing is trying to pull in those people who said I like "Ron Paul, except on foreign policy and by playing the game selling it with a different line but still ultimately aiming to end the empire. Yet tweaking the rhetoric to have those people say "I like Rand Paul" (but nothing).

Maybe saying he'll cut Israel's aid last may be the only way of getting that foreign aid cut at all.

I do not admire this Paul.

I do not admire this Paul. What a disappointment. Who says anything about ending aid just to Israel. End all aid now. We are considering cutting SS and Medicare and we are still giving money to other nations????????? Rand is a huge letdown.

Amen to that as well. Rand is

Amen to that as well. Rand is not even a shade of his father



juan maldonado

If there was a vote

If there was a vote on the Senate floor to renew aid to Israel, I would expect Rand to vote NO. This ISN'T a vote, this is simply rhetoric and soundbites.

I get a little tired of the 'all or nothing' attitudes from the people who contribute only by typing on a forum.

I worked 6 months on Ron

I worked 6 months on Ron Pauls campaign, paid 500 dollars of my own money to go to Nevada and win it. Became a state delegate in Missouri and went all the way through the process. You can put that foot back in your mouth when you say people Who still love the real Paul, Ron. Saying we only write on a forum.

My foots out of my mouth

.. considering I meant what I said. I know there are actual activists on here [note, I didn't direct my comment at you], and this forum has brought a lot of good. But there are people who read and write and do nothing to participate outside this cyber-reality. And I am also quite certain that some of these people are the ones who are unforgiving and believe politicians lacking a "perfect record" (with words and votes) are not viable liberty candidates and dismiss them immediately.

What I seriously don't understand is why folks around here insist on bashing Rand while he is still the closest to our collective ideals within the Senate? Somebody will post a topic that puts Rand in a good light, and you STILL find responses saying "I haven't trusted Rand since he endorsed Romney!". Seriously? He just spent 20 minutes telling his fellow senators why indefinite detention is WRONG and that he isn't supporting this, and you're going to be mad at him? I don't care if you forgive him or not for what he's done previously, but at least offer him proper credit when he makes a massive effort to CONVINCE LEGISLATORS (a very DIRECT form of influence an individual can have on federal law) and you're going to say he's a shill?

Rand is a Repulican politician. He's not Ron Paul. He is very liberty minded. He may vote with his party on certain issues, he may voice support for things you don't agree with, but you are blind if you think he is a complete fraud sent out to trick us. Listen to speeches he's given to the Senate and you will hear sincerety and principles that you believe in.


The purist attitude is great and all when foaming at the keyboard, but if anything is going to get done without a total meltdown..it has to be done gradually.

If the ultimate goal is to

If the ultimate goal is to end ALL foreign aid, who cares where we start? But, if the goal Rand has set is to end foreign aid to some, not all...well I see what he did there.