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Join Folding@home for Science, Ron Paul 2012 Team

What is Folding@home?
Folding@home is a program by Stanford University in which you contribute directly to scientific research by donating your computer's resources. The scientists send your computer work involving the way proteins fold together. Then, your computer automatically processes the work and sends back the results. When us Ron Paul supporters group together we can process a lot for charity/science and with enough support we can be in the top 10 or 100 of groups participating in the program!

To Participate
Download the program from the Folding@home Homepage and read the instructions.
Username: Make up a username not already in the system (check here to see if it is already used)
Group/Team ID for Ron Paul 2012: 182919

The process to participate with multiple computers is the same as the first, just simply input the exact same username and Team ID as you put in the first one.

How is our team (Ron Paul 2012) doing?
These are the official stats for our team.
These are more detailed, independently created statistics.
Another set of statistics.

Using your computer
If your computer already has a hardware problem running the program might help make the problem more evident and it will cause normal wear and tear. If your computer has software problems like running super slow, adding this program might incrementally add to those existing problems. Your computer temperature should be monitored for overheating. Laptops are more prone to overheating with continual, heavy processing and should be closely monitored. The program will use your CPU (called SMP if you have multiple CPU cores) and Video Card (called GPU) if it is new enough. The CPU is designed to give priority to other programs but the GPU does not have that ability, so if you are going to game or something similar pause the GPU work. I had to update my video card drivers for the program to start using my GPU.

Please Participate!
By joining you will have fun by contributing and seeing our team do great! Please post any of your questions about participating so we can get more people to join!

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