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Ron Paul Slams NRA Proposal For Armed Guards In Schools: ‘Gov’t Security Just Another Kind Of Violence’


Joining other high-profile libertarians who were baffled and put off by the National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre‘s insistence on defending the Second Amendment by attacking the First Amendment, and by his proposal to put armed guards in all schools, retiring Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has officially come out against the NRA’s statements, slamming the lobbying organization’s proposals by saying that “government security is just another kind of violence.” ...


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No one else can clarify the issues and put them in perspective

like the Good Doctor.


I loved this speech. As

I loved this speech. As usual, Dr. Ron makes us think..

One of the comments

I think this person got most of the comments right but this irked me:

>>>the criminals will still get guns”, and while there is some truth that the criminals will, they are not the ones who go gunning down children. Rather, it is people who are otherwise in the “innocent” classification who do when they snap.<<<

People who gun down children in a mass murder are criminals. If they were innocent they wouldn't have done it. I don't understand what kind of point this person was trying to make. That was premeditated murder unless one thinks maybe he was brainwashed somehow. But people who aim guns and shoot at people on purpose when not for protection (little kids don't pack heat) are criminals.

Take guns away from law abiding citizens and the criminals will always be on top. I have looked down the barrel of a gun and got lucky.

I know there are some great cops out there, in my city they are pretty nice other than on the bar strip, when they stop you and ask for license and shine flashlights in your face. But I never go to bars or anything unless it's a party and there is a sober driver or I call a cab or take public transit (that's always fun. "Crazy cat" ladies and all, hehe) In any case I don't care for going downtown to bars. It was fun when I was younger though, pretty much the safest city to walk around at 1 a.m.

But some a-wipe out here in CA is advising for TSA at schools. That's nuts. I would have written down his name but I was driving.

Stuff happens. I worry every day about my son. More and more every day. Not about gun violence (although I do worry a bit) but other stuff like drugs and other types of violence and immorality. I smoked some pot late in high school and college but now kids are using meth and all kinds of prescribed pills and other garbage in middle school (even 11 year olds are dealing pot). I did go to a middle school with less than 90 kids though. I didn't even know what pot was.

TSA agents at schools and gun restriction is ridiculous.

In any case one should stand back a few steps and really think. My kid is much more likely to die driving poorly, getting drunk, or using drugs, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Heck, he could even get hit in the chest with a soccer ball. My best friend died of an OD when I was 19. I didn't even know he used drugs.

The fact that legislators want to put armed TSA agents at my kids school makes me lose hope for my state. If that ever happens I may go move in the mother in law unit at my parents and have my mother educate my child more in 2 hours than he learns in a day. Plus work on a farm. If things get that bad, that's the direction I'm headed. Armed TSA agents at eery school??? The guy may have said "something like the TSA". But that's nuts.


Some teachers are lunatics. I don't want some teacher enforcing her agenda on my kids by grabbing her pistol to use force on children. No.. I will not accept teachers carrying guns. All it takes is one bad thing to happen. Maybe a bad student, maybe a bad teacher. I had teachers threaten me once when I was young.



Arming teachers

Why can't we just arm our teachers and principals?

Govt Sec != Teachers having emergency access to guns

Govt Sec != Teachers having emergency access to guns

LOL @ "Baffled"

Why would you be "baffled" that an organizations (sic "organizationalism") would pander to Big Gov't -- they are HUGE lobbyists.

I think their response (given all the in-efficiencies and "evils" of corporatism) is perfectly sound -- NRA has to "buy" politicians future voting trends like anybody else.

This is why I've been saying FOR YEARS that Voting is an Abdication of Consumer-Rule and Lobbying is Bribery (the "purchase" of said politicians future voting trends).

Mises for the Win

Thanks for speaking out Dr. Paul...

This definitely needed to be said by someone in the spotlight.

Here is a post I wrote the other day regarding this very thing:

A Practical Solution for School Security Without Creating Another TSA (Armed Guards at Schools) - http://www.dailypaul.com/267302/a-practical-solution-for-sch...

I think that the solution...

I think that the solution is that we need larger "Gun Free Zone" signs. Apparently the criminals and mentally ill people did not read the signs or these killings would not have happened. We have a literacy problem and not a gun problem. That is the best liberal imitation that I can do, did you like it?


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There is way too much knee jerk going on.

With or without guards this will go on. Faculty should have the right (not mandated) to carry arms. An 18 yo High school student who has completed a safety course and deemed responsible should be allowed to carry as well.

Gun free zones is a misnomer for-"I'm coming for you where you can't get me".

It will get a lot uglier when more bans are passed- i believe.

The second amendment has no age restriction.

If you let 18yr olds, you must let all students carry.
Of course parents can simply not allow their kid to carry, and private schools can adopt their own policies.

Arming only faculty, I disagree with.
Letting some carry, while others will become unable to buy a semi-auto rifle isn't anything I can support.

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you are right in a way.

I was 10 when i owned my first little gun (single shot 22).

I was taught never to bring it to school. That was 48 years ago.

Existing age limit laws for concealed carry may differ from state to state, but I believe most are 18 yo. I have to plead the 10th amendment on this one.

Your point is taken though.

I wouldn't call this a 10th isuue.

Doesn't the 10th give states rights to make laws that pertain to their state but are NOT in conflict with the rights granted by the constitution?

Isn't this why handgun bans were ruled illegal in (I think DC and NY)?

I got my first .22 Marlin bolt action when I was 11.
Extremely accurate, and very easy to make custom spring loaded clips for.
I still have it.

CHL Holders Law

I had a proposal that I think would really help the school security problem.

PROPOSAL: How about allowing CHL(Concealed Handgun License) holders to carry in schools. This works better than security, because security is OBVIOUS, they can be spotted and their movements predicted. However gunman wouldn't be abel to tell which teacher or janitor had a concealed handgun.

coupled with removing the Gun Free Zone signs. I don't think we would have another shooting on the scale of Sandy Hook.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

I think I disagree wth Ron Paul On This Issue

If a private school wants to spend money on security, the I think that is a fair market deal. Tax money to hire more police would not be good, but, although less than ideal, tax money could be used to hire private sector security firms.

The issue is not private

The issue is not about private schools. It's about public schools... something we arguably shouldn't have in the first place.


Nuff said.

I wish we could stop paying for our kids schooling with taxes. That money could go to a good school of our choice.

I had my son in private school since he was 2 and now public because of cost of living increases. Rent "control" is 10% yearly.

I openly admit I should have bought a home before having a child. But I don't have credit, don't believe in credit cards or owing anyone money of any sort.

It's a double edged sword. And back when I could have purchased a home, when credit was loose, I saw the bubble. I tried to dissuade my old lab tech not to purchase a half a million dollar home. He didn't listen. I haven't heard from him for 4 years.

I may pay a lot to rent, but it's way safer, and eventually I will inherit land and a home which I have been investing in.

I hate credit. I don't borrow cash I don't have. I tried to get a simple $300 limit card so I could build up my credit and got rejected. When I was in college I'd get 5 or 10K cards thrust in my face. Luckily my dad has always been a good guide and I do the same for my son and I owe nobody anything other than taxes every year.

Hope you do not get voted down. This is exactly what...

I was trying to say below and got voted down. I do not have problems with volunteer teachers carrying concealed weapons. However, even trained security people sometimes hesitate before using deadly force; and a milliseconds hesitation can be the difference between stopping a perp and mass murder.

David Gregory's kid's School is protected by armed guards

I think Dr. Paul is talking about the local Police having an officer in every school. Paid by the City or school District.

I think it would be cheaper just to let teachers and Staff Conceal Carry. They are already getting paid and they are innocuous. The gunman wouldn't be able to tell who is packing heat. A cop would cost a fortune and be very obvious as to who the gunman needs to avoid.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

Government is violence. Just ask anyone who has been divorced.

God says divorce is violence.

Government has usurped all authority from the family and religious institutions concerning divorce and attorneys and government conspire to drive wedges between the parties, inciting both parties to drive up and pay the maximum attorneys fees.

Attorneys run for most all legislative offices, attorneys design laws in ways meant specifically to enrich other attorneys and drive up billing for themselves. They promote violence by way of extended litigative processes as opposed to laws that promote quick peaceful settlement.

Our government is not a government of peace. It is a government that purveys violence and incites fear among the governed; those now known as the oppressed.

Ron Paul is right. More government means more violence and oppression.


I agree with Ron Paul that we don't need another TSA; BUT,

I also agree with Wayne LaPierre, that professional armed security on campus is preferable to teachers with the minimum training for concealed carry providing security, as it takes a special type of individual or training to be able to kill another human being without hesitation.

Every adult has a responsibility. When we try to select a...

Every adult has a responsibility. When we try to select a small group to arm and pay we drive up costs and form rackets for unions to organize around.

It is everyone's responsibility to protect their selves, their families and their state.

It is not the state's job to dictate to the people in this regard.

That is how we got into this freak'n mess and ended up with "GUN FREE MASS MURDER ZONES".

Ron Paul

“Our freedoms as Americans preceded gun control laws, the TSA, or the Department of Homeland Security. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference, not by safety. It is easy to clamor for government security when terrible things happen; but liberty is given true meaning when we support it without exception, and we will be safer for it.”

Always sees through the murky waters.

Ron Paul is so wise.

Ron Paul is so wise.