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I Apologize! Sandy Hook Massacre An Intricate Cleaning Job - Multiple Shooters - Multiple Objectives

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Second Suspect hiding in bushes !

Second Suspect hiding in bushes ! Connecticut School Shooting Police....kill 28 and run live..


It takes a big man to apologize.

And to add something of

And to add something of value...

He's the son of a GE exec. So f'in what. Since when do the evil elitez use their own as patsies?

Um... you found his brother's facebook page? I dont get what's that point...

some kid was there at the school but didnt see anything cause a car was blocking his view and he was running away anyway?

I have no idea why this is all so exciting.

And to think I objected when

And to think I objected when Michael talked about taking this site down....

Can we get a Daily Shooter site for you guys please! I'll make it if you register the domain name. I'll have it up by Christmas morning for you.

2 Shadows Running! OMG!

I don't know why I subject myself to the abuse that will follow... but... what?

2 Shadows? So? Just means there were two people running outside... it doesn't mean they were Massad agents or something!

You are reading a transcript of chaos - not a best selling mystery novel laced with clues.

Anybody want to review the first 20 minutes?

I have the first 20 minutes transcribed about as well as I think I can do. If anyone wants to take the time to compare this audio
to my transcript, I'd appreciate the input. If anyone wants to time- correlate it, I'd nominate you for sainthood. It is hard to hear, garbled, messages over messages, but I did the best I could.

OK go on 67
67 Sandy Hook School caller is indicating SHE thinks there is someone shooting in the building
All right we're in route...
The units .. units ...in front of Sandy Hook school. The front glass has been ...broken we're unsure why
All units, the individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what HE believes to be gunfire
95 ...school ...other unit ...take a position point in driveway
95 roger
copy, copy 1
Units responding to Sandy Hook school at this time, the shooting appears to have stopped it is silent at this time - the school is in lockdown
roger that we'll stage out here in the front and we'll go from there
there are reports a teacher saw TWO SHADOWS running past the building, past the gym which would be the rear ....... shooting
Yeah, we got THEM THEY're coming at me down (Farris) Way
Give me an address
They're coming up the driveway west side
..6 this is...
25 ..
you are requested to stage ...I will need 2 ambulances at this time
cars responding, shooter is apparently still shooting in the (office?) area at 12 Dickerson Drive
triple a personnel take exit ten (all units) turn left on 34 (garble over top) continue on Riverside road, Dickerson Dr Make sure you have your vests on
acknowledged. uh, we don't have any visual tools on station
roger that hold on
....I've got him proned out
((337) All units be aware that we could have a second ...(garble)
en route
14 en rt
690 en rt
combination one charlie juliet echo 4, 1 c e j 4...
garble (responding)
no ...were in the front of the....(garble) the rooms
be advised seven two echo October...male subject.... school
...directions again please...
Sure thin, all cars, exit ten take a left on route 34 continue on Riverside road and then turn right onto Dickerson Drive
I have Newtown on the line yet, sir...
(Get?) Newtown on the line so we're coordinating with them they may just want us to establish a perimeter or whatever
roger that
just received a call we have one down in room one who has recieved a gunshot wound to the foot...it is un....extent of injuries.... I advised for ambulance...
room one.... report (garbled)
...thank you
...confirm ... school ...to the party in custody.. the fourth marijuana ,,, Virginia Tech
true value
route 34 is at exit 11
garble (you don't think its anything) (take a left on 6th continue on Riverside Road) (beep beep beep) (east of the school)
roger...east portion of the school... approach
garble (Odd one)
...checking inside (garble)
....regular duty at this time advise ..west bound (stand by ...garble) ...ramp give ... the call, let him know ...big orange ...with the treetops behind it is ... (garble) where he's got to go) (OK I need units...)

OK I need uhe units in the ... I've got bodies here - My God, get ambulances
a2 is at staging
...we've got an injured person in room nimber nine with numerous gunshot wounds
Sandy Hook make a left at the light
staging at the ... the driveway -... between the (fire?)house and school
149 we have a sgt from Newtown on scene unknown if the shooter is located (garble)
garble ...can anybody handle...
I hve them on the line, I'm kieeping them on the line
098 all temas (garble)
... copy we're moving to the rear of the Sandy Hook fire dept
garble... 11 ....34
.... unit is sitting on perimeter
make a left go straight ...to the bottom of the hill and you're going to see Dickerson on your right 8 11 31
come in 31
... you should have Newtown on scene with 2 sgts and another patrol car
....likely need a second medic
... 6 we need a location
garble... 526
... perimeter on the building
A2 is at the station
Negative on description. OK shots were fired about 3 minutes ago, was quiet at the time.
garble... (number 11 left at the light) (...Dickerson)
roger 3531
All right we have ...
looks like she's been injured
garble (garble) (roger)
1315 ... at Riverside and secure that area
44435 eastbound... the vehicle ...close to the exit
red light
we've got one ...pect down
...swing down here and get a pink slip for his tow... please
we have a suspect down
(electronic garbling)
(we will manage...?)
5 delta 5 (...have a case number on this) (...delta 5) (numbers 1826)
One question, where am I going? I mean I've got Dickenson Dr...with a fire truck.
And that is confirmed at this time, you're going to stage with the EMS crews at Dickerson Drive the Sandy Hook Fire Dept
...yesterday, he forgot he ... yesterday
OK. Asking where the actual call is (10 40 0 9)
At the Sandy Hook Fire Dept.
garble... (Greenwich?)
Newtown's reporting one suspect down the building a has ...(now or not?) been cleared
we need a couple more cars up on the scene
... 5 in the air? Does he have patrol information? (garble) Go to channel 8
... to 91 in the Liberty Way parking lot they reported no injuries but possible side airbag deployed
garble headquarters
...motor vehicle stop when you're ready
... 4 9 6...
751g2 can you take me off the HIS and put me on the number
Be advised, be advised, we could have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotgun

More as I get it done. This is going to take me days, I am afraid. Like that cliffhanger, though? They were on the lookout for long rifles and shot guns, not a word about handguns like we were told for days. But, still transcribing, we shall see.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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can we take the scanner audio and figure out which
way the cops were coming from,given the time frame
of how long it took,can we back track to their starting point?

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OH... have fun day :)

I can't

That is not to say someone could not, but I can't get enough out of the audio.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Adam Lanzas, and Rodias home address

Curious if we will see that car at either Christopher A Rodia, or Lanzas house with google maps. Anyone know the addresses?


These two links show a black car at Rodias house. I can't tell what kind though. Also, I can't seem to find Lanza's home address.



Good idea!

See what you can do with this:

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Redaction in Progress

The huffpost link is gone, and the abc news link points to something unrelated now.

Just open the box and see

Down the memory hole

If Orwell only knew about the internet...

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how many shooters?

or how many have been said so far?
1)lanza,dead in school
2)running into woods(teacher saw 2 shadows run past gym
3 right?
then who was the one proned out on ground at the fire station?
hear me out,would the cops handcuff a suspect from the school
then take him/her to fire station,only to be placed on the ground again
with cops holding him down?(this came from the kids testimony
about the man at the fire station
so was there 4? and the cops took him/her to the firestation for affect?
remember the testimony about adam wearing a mask,but then was later identified ,once by the cops who said shoot him in the eye?
and a teacher from the school,so was he wearing a mask?as he was identified by face?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

It is not about truthers and

It is not about truthers and such. People need to dissect evidence. All details should be questioned.

The best action I witnessed on the DP was the stoppage and revealing of the Hardin, Montana American Police Force in 2009. Americans have no clue what really transpired.

I personally feel that some Ron Paul supporters here stopped something that was to be a foothold of what is coming to American towns as the value of our currency drops.

I am not a fan of the term conspiracy theory. It's about crossing the T's and dotting the I's.

I was a juror. I want to know everything I can so I can try and draw conclusions.


Welcome to the fight for truth, glad to have you on the team.
Been transcribing, the first weapons mentioned are a rifle and shotgun.
It is weird, I am just trying to type what I hear and so I am not getting the "big picture" at all, but there are some very odd things.
The "smoking gun" here is Chris Rodia. Can anyone find solid proof that the car is registered to him?
They had the car, they had his name and it sounds like they had him, it appears to be the car where the sheriffs removed a (shotgun?) and it is hard to write it off to "wrong place wrong time, Rodia was innocent" when they are telling us that was Adam's car.
I seriously appreciate this post.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I heard it on the police

I heard it on the police scanner recording. When the officer said the license number, (he repeated it several times), the dispatch officer supplied him the name.

can you link me?

What time did that come through?
Seriously, I am like "zombie-typer" and I may have typed right past it without noticing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

sure can

Listen at about the 30 min mark.


Also see Sandy Hook Part 2 by idahopicker


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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This video was posted here on DP last week.

Did you miss it, or just changing your mind? I'm not being sarcastic, just curious.

What are you talking about?

It took me until Jan 2007 to stumble across a video of WTC-7!

It only took me 24 hrs. since yesterday when I was ranting about Sandy Hook being a lone gunman.

Today my wife stumble upon this Sandy Hook evidence and shared it with me.

you're not being sarcastic?

I don't know. I don't live nearby; I didn't see it, and I don't trust anything the MSM does--

and I don't trust law enforcement--or especially government agencies.

I've been trying to pick up the pieces on the internet, because I don't have MSM--

I know that family members (extended) who do were very manipulated emotionally by it--even those who are 'awake'--

It would be good to know the truth, but I don't know how to find out what the truth is--

I appreciate everyone who asks questions, though.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--