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So, the Eagle Snatches Baby video is a Hoax...

Millions fell for it (myself included).

Now think about all the other hoaxes, visual and otherwise, which might have been perpetrated on a global population...

...whose creators will never reveal to us that they are hoaxes.

And people wonder why we ask questions.

Merry Christmas all

EDIT: Here's the link, for those who hadn't heard prior to this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/dec/20/eagle-snat...

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Thanks for link

I found it to be ironic that this post was intended to be a lesson on remaining vigilant but came with only a claim.

Triple-layer irony: would you

Triple-layer irony: would you have accepted my link at face value if I included it?

So true.

How easy it is for them to deceive.

Merry Christmas:)

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Link please