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H... Birthday Fed Reserve Merry Redacted!

Happy Birthday Fed Reserve! A Merry Christmas!

Dearly Beloved,

We gather here today... I come not to to praise the Federal Reserve, but to... Lead us not unto temptation, but deliver us from... Like a bridge over troubled waters...

Whether the Federal Reserve bringeth coal - or - "legal tender"...

Printer-That-Be: I am above your law. Your line-of-credit is waiting. Rosie Rios, your Treasury agent must sign. She is giving away paper-money faster than she taxes.. She is giving away cash prizes! She must honor your commitment to pay the tab she runs for you to pay. Mrs Rios has run it over over $16 trillion. I don't care what you make your limit. Give yourself plenty of running room. $20 trillion? $30 trillion? I is up to you.

Won't you join our US Treasury for this historic occasion? We wish the Fed Reserve a Merry Christmas holiday. And to finance your 'Happy New Year' please have Rosie Rios, US Treasurer sign up for the Fed's most gracious offer, an extension to our 100 year line-of-credit. Rosie Rios is your $16 trillion woman! Her signature signs your wealth away! She is a date that will live in infamy.
Now let us pray...
'Twas the Bank Night Before Christmas Eve, 1913 Submitted by Mark Twain, 08/23/2010

Let us reflect...
Fed Inflates Itself Beyond "Alice in Wonderland" ... $2 Quadrillion Submitted by Mark Twain, 2012

In conclusion...
Happy Birthday Federal Reserve! Submitted by ACinMA, 12/23/2010

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I'll drink

to anything, lol

Ron Paul Was Right

Here's to another 100 more,

Here's to another 100 more, dearest Fed.

Southern Agrarian