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Suggestion for Daily Paul Mission Statement

Instead of saying

Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United States of America, why not use the original title "these united States of America"

Im sure many people here would agree this is more fitting for this website since The United States of America isn't really the country we live in, its a corporation... I don't know about you guys, but I rather live in the republic not the fascism version of this country, lol.

If you think we should change the mission statement, please upvote this so the moderators can see!

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Can we improve on this a little?

"Dedicated to Restoring the Constitution for the united States of America"

The reason Bush didn't get in trouble for saying the Constitution was a "god damned piece of paper" is because he was talking about the corporate by-laws... not the organic constitution the founders created.

For those who aren't yet aware the proof is in the grammar: In "grammar" school we were taught that "united" is an adjective. "United" is a pronoun. "United States" is a name... of a dummy corp. "United States of America" is the name of an actual corp incorporated in Delaware (where the Internal Tax and Revenue Service was also incorporated) - it should be noted that these are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS - it is a fact that REGISTERING to vote - thereby participating - in the subjugation of the American people in a democracy is technically treason.

There's only so far you can go in revealing what's in the rabbit hole to the layman.... but it's critical that people realize they are giving aid and comfort to a FOREIGN OWNED occupying power when they REGISTER to vote.

What we need to do is just start from scratch (would be great if the Daily Paul could get behind it en-mass). Get some ballot boxes... have some candidates and some real debates... and vote WITHOUT registering for anything - obviously in the beginning the people we elect would have no power however as more people (prob 80% of the country that doesn't currently vote, including me) are introduced to a transparent system where people actually obey their oath.. we might find our way out of this mess.

When there are more voters in the republic than there are in the democracy by law the pentagon has to take it's orders from us. Then we win. Instead of paying lip-service to "the republic" why don't we actually re-inhabit it?

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to me

mission statements are written on the hearts
not on paper,or set in stones
if you live the way you deem fit,that is your statement

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

nice idea

How cool is it that with no comments after an hour, Mr. Nystrom is cool with the idea. Grassroots baby. I wonder if he'll take down the all-caps or only lower the U?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll take you up on it.

Thank you.

Awesome! I knew it was a good

Awesome! I knew it was a good idea, and you saying you'll do it makes validates this! YAY!!!


(any chance I could get your ear for a few other suggestions?)

I just purchased newsflashnetwork.com btw... and I have a unique idea for funding media without donations or advertising. If you send me an email we could discuss it. It will be very profitable and perhaps fund an expansion of the Daily Paul to whatever you might be thinking of doing.