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Chinese Drivers Kill People They've Hit Because Of Communism!

Just read an interesting blog by someone who describes himself as a government IT employee working in Beljing commenting on the phenomenon in China where motorist who have hit someone will then proceed to ruthlessly run that person over and over again until that person is unquestionably dead! http://chinadivide.com/2010/chinese-drivers-running-people-o... I fear this is will be us pretty soon! Idk what do you guys think?

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A cornerstone of communism and socialism

is atheistic materialism. This article explains what that means and when coupled with "worshiping false gods" illustrates how such societies become non-thinking and non-feeling automatons capable of every kind of horror. Which goes a long way to explain how and why mindless and soulless governments always behave this way (and the people who populate and perpetuate them).

atheistic materialism

false gods

Wait to me it sounds like

Wait to me it sounds like you're saying being atheist will make you do this? Is that what you're saying?Lol

juan maldonado

Has nothing to do with communism.

Indeed there have been reports of this sort of thing. Note the date here is 2010. In that year there was a notorious incident with the perpetrator being caught in the act on video. Caused quite a stir. There was another case or two.

I have heard this kind of

I have heard this kind of thing as well. It wasnt to do with the government though, but the fact the person would then sue you for everything you had.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Then how do you fix that

Then how do you fix that problem?

juan maldonado

Other countries

have the same issue of the cost of injuring being higher, but I don't know for a fact that the same actions happen. The real problem is the people patting each other on the back and saying, "if you had to do that, it would be the government's fault for not balancing the cost right". The people need to tell each other they are monsters if they do that at any cost and that deferring moral responsibility to the government doesn't cut it.

Defend Liberty!

But why?

I'd add this to the OP, this says it all:
"The problem lies deeper than the lack of ethics of communist regime. Many Chinese drivers feel empathy with those who run over repeatedly. Even many media share the same sentiment, but blame the insurance and road traffic law for the drivers confusion. The theory was a driver would risk paying more on a wounded victim then a dead victim. The key issue here is, many people and the media consciously give up a basic moral value, but measure everything with money. ‘Cost’, instead of ‘value’ becomes the sole component of social architecture. Killing becomes acceptable when it saves cost."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

No surprise

It is the Chinese government afterall. Cultural atheist marxists abound.


I've heard these stories before

applied to 3rd world countries, where getting an injured person on their feet is cost-prohibitive in the near-term and the cost of supporting them is a huge burden. It was pitched as better for the victim, too.

But the thing is, the cost evaluation of supporting an injured person for life vs. burying the dead applies to any country, even the U.S., especially if you're talking about a child who has a lot of years ahead.

I'm blaming the way they are talking with each other about it. People have worked out in their heads ahead of time that there is empathy for them if they make that decision. There's usually a bit more moral responsibility people take on for these me and me alone decisions, but when they already know the mob has spoken some empathy for them, they can defer their own responsibility that little bit more.

They need to change the way they talk to each other about this. Even talking about the government needing to change the cost evaluation is enabling this kind deferred responsibility for moral behavior.

And that's where we can then blame communism, if people have deferred problem-solving to the government to that degree that it doesn't occur to them what responsibility they hold in their own hands for the way they talk to each other.


We live in a country where the cost evaluation may work out that way at times, too, especially for the rich who can fight the criminal charges in court but have more to lose in a civil judgement. Can you imagine us telling each other that the government needs to fix that imbalance so people can then make the right decision? No. We tell each other they are monsters if they make that decision, regardless of how it works out monetarily. And us overlooking where the Chinese people get this wrong is a stepping stone to losing sight of how this is so not a government issue.

And for all we know, the cost evaluation might not even work out so solidly that way in China. That's how jabber-mouthing urban legends work. It isn't always accurate.

Defend Liberty!

My wife is a Chinese National

and I have heard her son make comments like this before. My recollection of the reasons were regarding the responsibilities after the accident were radically different if they survived vs. if they die. You are better off if they are dead, in China.

I'll ask and amend this post if this is not the case.

This is not just a Chinese Communist phenomenon.

When I was stationed in South Korea in 1967-69, we were told the same thing.

I would not be so quick to judge the ChiComs. They may be ruthless and they may practice slave labor. However, they execute corrupt officials in China. Plus, these incidents, such as the "distress message" in the Halloween decorations and the latest incident with Japan sound suspiciously like an attempt to provoke a war with China (probably because of BRICS).

This is pure evil though man!

This is pure evil though man! I feel so bad for these people.

juan maldonado

If someone had a gun, then

If someone had a gun, then you can shoot that driver dead right? But I forgot that china has a gun ban, so that's out the question. How evil y'all...

juan maldonado

Having gun is not ok, but murdering people with car is?

Very warped...and, as you said, "evil".

Right!? Wow you're so right

Right!? Wow you're so right man.

juan maldonado