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Yet another False Flag...Another Bushmaster AR-15

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More noise from the MSM

This should only help the gun freedom cause. He was a convict, therefore could not legally buy that AR-15. Making automatics illegal is not going to stop shootings like this. Sadly, TPTB are good at their jobs.

This guy was out on parol after killing his grandmother with...

This guy was out on parol after killing his grandmother with a hammer.

Didn't he know it was illegal for him to possess a gun?

Why didn't he obey the law?

Everyone would have been safe if this paroled murderer had just obeyed the gun control laws already on the books in the state of New York and across this nation.

Another option might have been to keep him in jail.


Another murderer/ felon/ psyco/ looser with an illegal gun

More proof law-abiding citizens need self-protection.

Why is ok to blame good people for what bad people do? I don't get it.

"The gun-show loophole".

"The gun-show loophole".

This Gun Grabing Op...

is going Fast and Furious!

No doubt...

This will be blamed on a gun show purchase.