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Why the Photos Should be Released: Is Sandy Hook a Double False Flag Against 9/11?

This posted on behalf of long-time and respected poster James_Madison_Lives who has been banned from posting by Johnsonite mods during the Ron Paul Write-In campaign. Go HERE for more information.

By James_Madison_Lives

I think our "gun culture" thankfully is too deeply entrenched for Sandy Hook to touch the Second Amendment, try as they might. This in response to the question of whether or not they should release the crime scene photos, even though they are guaranteed to be used in attempt to turn the populace against our right to keep and bear arms.

I for one am proud to live in a "gun culture." As George Washington said, firearms are the teeth of liberty.

A bigger danger I see is to not have a way of settling if this was a multiple shooter false flag, and using the endless speculation to demonize all truth movements, including 9/11. There are also camps saying it didn't happen at all, that it was all a stage set using actors, and the children have been disappeared to somewhere. This will surely enrage the more naive of our countrymen.

This could be a very sophisticated psy-op to back into the 9/11 Truth Movement, by upping the emotional stakes with Sandy Hook. Then when they pull the rug and show that it did happen, and it really was just one shooter (the MK Ultra kind of course) they say, now it's time to deal with those truthers, and make it a crime.

Already Facebook is threatening to shut down accounts of users who question the official narrative on Sandy Hook shooting. Could it be the real target is not our guns, but truth movements, that is to say the First Amendment, itself?

9/11 is still the watershed event of our time, in terms of the greatest changes in the direction of the ship of state. And it has been growing by leaps and bounds.

This is why I am in favor of releasing all crime scene photos of Sandy Hook, so we can settle the shooter issue. If this is a false flag, it is surely vicious beyond compare. It may also be a last-ditch lash-out by a mortally wounded beast aware that ALL truth is on the march, and that the Awakening is something they cannot stop.

Just a conjecture. What say ye. Could they be this sophisticated?

CNN's Martin: America should see the Newtown carnage

There is Only One Question: Where is the Surveillance Video? A Demand.

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More CNN Clap Trap

Who cares what ANYONE at CNN says? They are garbage. I would sooner listen to the National Inquirer. That idiot "journalist" is pulling the freaking race card too! What a lame moron! I can't believe how childish these people look to me now that I am awake! O'Reilly, Morgan, well, ALL of them seem like spoiled children whining because a lot of us aren't playing by THEIR rules. "Oh we need the public to see the carnage up close and personal so they will ban guns" How come it's a different story when Bradley Manning or Assange show us the carnage so we want to ban these stupid wars?


I can just imagine the parts of the video that would be released

It would be just like that "pristine, crystal clear" video of the "747" that hit the pentagon.

parade the dead children corpses

because we are so hypnotized by tv that when real things happen and people don't react in a scripted way we cry conspiracy.

That coroner didn't react the way he would if it'd been csi. Must be an actor.
That father didn't react how hollywood says he should. Must be an actor.
Police chief seemed too upbeat. Must be an actor.

We demand dead childrens bodies in hd.

I am ready for my downvotes. Call 1-800-911-911 to make me the next patsy.

I don't think

the surveillance cameras are in HD

I do agree with you though that we are to quick to jump to conclusions about the "actors"

Despicably dishonest. Who said anything about "parading"


Release the Sandy Hook video.

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stereotype much?

like does everyone here sit and watch tv?
seems you do though
oh and speak for yourself,i didn't authorize your voice

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

i'm just putting out a point of view

for discussion. something to ponder. I don't think I've misrepresented actual views.

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didn't read that way

will take your word for it

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression



For God's sake, be human!

Let the families grieve without seeing the carnage images everywhere they look.

It's more important that they have some peace than we have peace...we don't NEED these answers immediately the way they need healing immediately.

And it doesn't matter...either way, this is becoming a police state. We all know that, it's the only answer we really need, and we've gotten it a thousand times over.

For God's sake, Don't be Gullible!

Yes we do NEED these answers. What's coming down the road is far worse than what happened at Sandy Hook, which we still can't even confirm. We need to know what REALLY happened before we can offer those parents peace. Question: Will those children rest in peace if they were murdered by a team of black ops, and fools just roll over and blame a poor innocent kid?

Christo Garcia

I didn't say "I don't want answers"

I said respect the grieving families.

If my 8 year-old got shot in the face I would NOT WANT the pictures shown all over the world, especially not immediately after the murder.

Seriously, do you people have a few screws loose?? Is nothing sacred to you?

It Would Be Sacred

If I believed it. Don't blame us for being skeptics. WE are not the ones with the screws loose. It's the corrupt rats in power that did 9/11 that have the screws loose. WE are just the ones that lost our faith because of THEM. Fool me once, shame on YOU fool me twice shame on ME. If I thought that this was a real shooting I would be in terrible pain for the families. Trouble is, I don't know whether it really even happened or not. How can any of us believe anything anymore? The rabbit hole is deep these days and getting deeper it seems.


This happens so regularly, so predictably, I'm starting to worry

Why is it that if I say one thing, everyone starts assuming something else?

My point is, to release graphic photos of slain children would have a severely negative psychic impact on the parents. SO let's err on the side of caution, assume kids died, and have compassion.

My point is NOT, "I blame you for being skeptical."

if you don't want to see it then

don't look, simple as that. We don't need to see graphic photos, at least release the Security System videos outside the school?

For God's sake shut up. Same argument used against 9/11 truth

"respect the families!" to close off the asking of questions. In addition you offend us by raising a straw man. No one said put them "everywhere they look." What was said was they should be available for examination.

Thanks, though. When people like you talk like that, it confirms that we really need to examine this evidence.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

In both cases, it's good that

they respected the grieving families enough to show some restraint with posting graphic photos. Just because 9-11 is explained through lies doesn't make the tragedy any less real for the people who lost loved ones. Plus, we don't NEED to see bodies to know people died, if we can rely on our own judgement and sense of probability putting facts together. Some people here can't do that.

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i think i would rather...

see the school's video of the front entrance showing the "one" killer drive up, get out, and then shoot the window out as he went inside

then, i would only need to know why chris rodia's car was used for the killer to drive up in

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I agree

I know that in a determined and sincere effort to find the truth, I have been led down several misinformation and disinformation trails, and I am tired of it. I ought not have to. It is not a matter of being morbid, it is a matter of clarifying what happened. In JUST the police scanner, which is available online for anyone to listen to, there are conflicts with the official story. If the media would step forward and clarify every error in their initial broadcasts, maybe it would be enough. But crime scene photos are part of the evidence. When the official story conflicts with the police scanner, they need to be "on the table" - as the politicians like to say.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

It is the only way to get at the truth when the state police...

...blatantly lie to us and say that no man was apprehended in the Woods or behind the school.

Pictures will not give us all of the truth.

However, pictures and video from the school's security system will tell us way more that what the Connecticut State Police and the Feds want us know.

Once even a few discrepancies are revealed we will know for sure that Fast & Furious was not a one time event, but instead part of a larger pattern of operation whereby even events not caused, facilitated and instigated by Federal authorities are still immediately "locked down" such that the public can be force fed lies and falsehoods that are meant only to be consistent with a particular gun-grabbing political agenda as opposed to being fully transparent and letting the obvious facts of the matter speak for themselves.

Our government is once again lying to us by withholding facts, pictures and video that would otherwise tell at least part of the story that is likely way different than the mere words (socialist propaganda) we are being spoon fed now.

In its unquenchable thirst and hunger to grow, clearly our government is fast becoming a much more sinister enemy than any lone gunman.

All kinds of ridiculousness!

First, do you really think photos would settle this? Do you know how many so-called 'truth seekers' would be going over the photos - showing close-ups of gore and claiming things like:

"THE SMOKING GUN!! That kid has a smile on his face! Obviously faked! And look how the 'blood' is pooling under that one little girl - looks like Heinz Ketchup to me. I wonder if Senator Kerry was involved?"

And do you really think the government needs to do anything to the 'Truther Movement'? You must think the Truthers are quite a force to be reckoned with! They do a fine job of keeping themselves on the fringe.

Of course, to suggest that there is some psy-op to somehow make it seem like a conspiracy to make the theorists look bad when they finally reveal that it really happened is just laughable. For many reasons - but the ultimate one is that the ones that think it was 'all made up' will NEVER change their opinion - video/testimony/pictures/dead bodies - nothing will convince them at this point. This rabbit hole is one way.

One thing at a time. Photos would help dispose of

the "entirely staged" camp which says the kids were whisked away to be sold somewhere to Satanist pedophiles. Then we go on to the number of shooters.

Yea, 9/11 Truthers are doing such a good job of keeping themselves on the "fringe" that they have pushed "9/11: Experts Speak out" onto Colorado statewide PBS. Idiot. Keep bleating away.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


Thanks for calling me an idiot.

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I wish alleged photos of alleged dead children was not the only way to settle this.... However, Sue, you brought up an interesting point that I had not heard of here or thought of myself which is.... what if it is not the 2nd amendment under attack here, but the 1st?.....

Either way, if there was a better way to settle this I would be all for that.... But I can see what you are saying... Amendments are under attack.

I wouldn't be able to look anyways, and if photos were released, would those be trusted to be actual? Photoshop can be pretty proficient, no?

Either way, you brought up a new point here Sue, thank you.

Photoshop can be detected, photos, security cam video,

bullets in walls, bullets, firing angle, wall window damage, the whole of police forensics should be able to settle this "second shooter" stuff. Too much talk to few police exhibits. Let's see everything they've got. It's not like they have to be concerned with a prosecution or a fair trial. Lanza is dead.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

let's just go slow and methodical is all this is saying,

I think. There are lots of people who would love to burn truth-seeking in general.

Release the Sandy Hook video.