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More Fox lies about Ron Paul

The misinformation continues.

Linked off the front page:
Ron Paul rips NRA plan for officers in every school


"He has been famously anti-defense spending and anti-anything that smacks of too much government."

Pure BS.


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They quote him like a prophet

Ron Paul Cassandra? Who hears the message? More lies about Ron Paul? What are you talking about?

Odd for Fox, maybe

It was different piece than I might expect from FOX.
It actually was a fair piece of reporting, presented the facts of the debate, and actually, gave Senator Paul more ink.

Just open the box and see

Ron Paul's debate response was a shining light

How lost were those pundits? We need 25 Ron Pauls.


You are surprised by this?

I'd say on the whole

It was a fair and balanced article. They presented both sides of the argument fairly, and decent sized quotes from both, not 'snippets' to make one side or the other look like idiots.

I'm not much of a Fox news fan, but it seems they got this one right.

Ron isn't against spending $ on defense

He is against empire building and interventionism

How would he balance the budget without defense cuts?

Eliminating social security wouldn't work, since it brings in revenue a bit higher than what it spends.

That only leaves defense and medicare really.

If you eliminate medicare then you also have to eliminate the medicare payroll tax, so again, you lose your revenue stream.

So, while the value of social security and medicare are debatable, eliminating them WON'T save us any real money.

So the fat pig in the room is the defense budget. If ANY politician was serious about balancing the budget and shrinking government, that would be the first place to go.

About 80% of our military

About 80% of our military spending is spent on Offense, only the money spent on our local bases could be considered "defense" spending.

Actually, if you consider Social Security

And Medicare are pretty much paid for by revenue collected specifically for those programs....

Then the Defense budget takes about 75% of our entire budget :O


is intentionally confusing people about the differences between defense and military spending. It's the same as misreporting on the differences between isolationism and interventionism.


Heh, they've been doing this since the 'Centralizers' stole the label of 'Federalists', sticking the REAL Federalists with the negative sounding label 'Antifederalists'. War is peace. Ignorance is strength.

Nothing wrong with the article - seemed fair to me....

The last paragraph about rebuilding civil society seems correct to me and comes from a man of great wisdom an experience. There has to be an effort towards restoring peoples' experience with community and the realization that good towards fellow man is good for the heart and soul. Maybe with such effort there would be less men carrying out senseless gun violence over the long run.

Dare to dream...

Has he EVER mentioned mans covetous nature or why some people define liberty as their enemy; why they CHOOSE to carry out senseless gun violence? (the principle of self interest)

"Maybe with such effort there would be less men carrying out senseless gun violence over the long run.