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David Gregory Can't Be Arrested Because DC Police Can Not "determine whether the object was an actual high-capacity magazine"

So they have the perp on National TV in video admitting his crime saying that he is holding what is clearly an AR mag exceeding 10 rounds (the perp says 30 rounds on his employer's video) and an arrest warrant is conveniently not issued because NBC will not respond and the police can not be sure it is a gun magazine until they find it.

I ask you this, if you had posted a Youtube Video of yourself making the same statements and claims while clearly standing in front of the white house or beside the capitol building there would have been an all point bulletin issued for your arrest on multiple charges.

I am so sick of this arbitrary justice. Why don't bad laws apply equally to everyone. Is David Gregory part of a higher class of citizen?

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Washington Post

After the TV show aired, references to the incident began to appear online, questioning whether the code had been violated.

Reports about the incident aired Tuesday on media outlets. Some of the reports indicated that police would try to determine whether the object was an actual high-capacity magazine.

At the hour at which reports of the inquiry were confirmed early Wednesday, it appeared impractical to obtain response from the television show, or the NBC network which carried it.

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They must have an Employee Assistance Program he could utilize.

He seems to need help imo.


The real danger here is that arbitrary justice favoring the....

elites will be replaced by "street justice".

Back during the Reagan Years an anti-gun columnist for the WASHINGTON POST shot an intruder with an unregistered firearm in DC. The story was a one day event and the columnist (of course) was not prosecuted.
That this Gregory story continues to have legs shows the patience of the public has warn dangerously thin and the explosive popularity of "vigilante" films such as the "Dark Knight Trilogy" and the TV series "Arrow" clearly demonstrates the public's acceptance of lethal "street justice".

At least

...he should be questioned for being a militant socialist imo. LOL


Maybe he should be...

Maybe he should be put on a no fly list since he could be a domestic terrorist. Anybody that has a magazine (it is not a damn clip) must be dangerous and should be profiled since he is a white male. I think that I am getting the liberal mind set down pat, what do you think?


How about "He SHOULDN'T be Arrested"

Because he DID NOT infringe upon the Rights of another person.

When you Criminalize non violent or non-right infringing behavior, you create criminals and VIOLENCE where none would have been otherwise.

Are there Laws that the Elite can ignore with ease? YES.

It is no good to ask that arbitrary Laws be applied to everyone. They are Arbitrary and therefor will NEVER be applied equally.

It is better to show that they are Arbitrary and seek their repeal.



I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

I'm Sure Brandon Raab Would've Gotten The Benefit Of The Doubt

Just like David Gregory did here.

(yeah right)

It sure wasn't airsoft!

I zoomed in on it. It was not an airsoft magazine, and it was definitely the real deal. It's one standard for them, and another standard for us. Their only excuse given is it was impractical to obtain a response. That's bs! I hope the next person who gets charged in D.C. for a 30 rd. AR mag says to the cops, "You let David Gregory get away with it.." Not that it will help.



Suspect charged with selling fake drugs...



Undercover NOPD cops nab alleged Bourbon Street dealer selling fake drugs





Don't feed the pandas. Ever.