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Police: NBC Asked For High-Capacity Clip But We Denied The Request. David Gregory & NBC Knowingly Violated The Law.

NBC News asked D.C. police for a high-capacity ammunition clip to use as a prop on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” show, a request District authorities said Wednesday they denied.

But host David Gregory appears to have obtained one anyway — and then displayed it on national television.

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intentional set up

enough said


Perfect Example

of why bans don't work. There is a ban in DC and yet this bozo managed to get his hands on that clip with no problem. What makes him think OTHER criminals can't do the same? Hahaha He just made our case for us!


I wonder...

If he passed it through the TSA.

They can't enforce the law

on David Gregory because it doesn't make any sense.

Prepare for...

Prepare for a long line of excuses and buck passing to draw things out to the point that everybody will hopefully forget about it. Laws do not apply to liberals unless it is to their advantage. This will be swept under the rug and nobody will be responsible for that also.