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Ron Paul's Final Question: Is There Any Explanation For It All?

{Editor’s Note: This is the 32nd – and FINAL – installment of a series of articles attempting to address the 32 questions posed by Ron Paul in his recent farewell speech given in front of Congress. Check out the previous installment, "Why Should Anyone Be Surprised That Congress Has No Credibility?” }

We here at Lions Of Liberty are a fairly passionate bunch. This is why, despite all of us having incredibly busy lives both professionally and personally, we chose to take on the task of answering all of Ron Paul’s 32 Questions from his historic farewell speech denouncing government monopoly on violence over the last month or so. It can often be difficult to find time to sit down and write and overcome bouts of writer’s block. But if Ron Paul can spend the better part of 35 years mingling among the “psychopathic authoritarians” (his words!) in Congress just for the slim hope of advancing the cause of liberty, the least we can do is bust our liberty-lovin’ butts for a month or so to help flesh out his ideas.

Dr. Paul asked each one of his 32 questions for a very specific reason, and I am confident in saying that it is not because he expects the members of Congress who bothered to sit through his speech to actually pay attention, change their ways, reject government solutions and embrace the ideas of liberty. No, Dr. Paul was explicitly speaking not to the Congress, but both to and for the people. He was expressing, through both specific examples and rhetorical questions, the frustrations and concerns that many Americans have with the direction of government and our society as a whole.

Ron Paul’s final question, in full:

Is there any explanation for all the deception, the unhappiness, the fear of the future, the loss of confidence in our leaders, the distrust, the anger, and the frustration?

Now, on our 32nd and final installment of this series, Ron Paul has delivered us our own Christmas miracle by actually providing an answer to his final question. And it couldn’t have come soon enough! How many ways can we tell you that liberty is the answer? Well 31 and counting so far…but for #32, we’ll turn it back over to Dr. Paul himself for the grand finale:

Yes, there is, and there’s a way to reverse these attitudes. The negative perceptions are logical and a consequence of bad policies bringing about our problems. Identification of the problems and recognizing the cause allow the proper changes to come easy.

The crux of Dr. Paul’s speech and his 32 questions is that we must be sympathetic with those who are upset with the way things are and help to educate them. We must reject government solutions to problems at all levels, because doing so is the only way to credibly point out that the problem is government or the State, defined by Murray Rothbard as:

that institution which possesses one or both (almost always both) of the following properties: (1) it acquires its income by the physical coercion known as “taxation”; and (2) it asserts and usually obtains a coerced monopoly of the provision of defense service (police and courts) over a given territorial area.

We have all been trained from a very young age that whenever there is a problem we must turn to government - an organization which supposedly represents us - for the solution. It is very logical that Congress has lost all credibility with most people. But it’s important that we point out that the problem isn’t simply that we have the wrong people in government; rather the problem is that they look to the collective use of force i.e. government, as the solution.

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My answer to #32

This last question pretty much includes the answer in the question, however, I will expand on it just a bit. The deception about the role of Government, by the Government, and perpetrated on the people for well over 50 years is slowly being exposed. The events of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008 did wake a sleeping giant.

But unlike the sleeping giant that “W” was referring to when he made the statement shortly after the attacks of 9/11 that “Terrorists have awoken a sleeping giant”, the sleeping giant that was awoken has turned out to be the minds of millions of American citizens, not the “sleeping” US Military Machine. (That thing NEVER sleeps!) One of the best things that could ever happen for the freedom and safety of America would be for the Military Industrial Complex to be injected with a massive dose of whatever it was that Michael Jackson used to put himself to sleep back in 2009.

But, returning to “we the people” being deceived by our Government, the unhappiness, the fear of the future, the loss of confidence in our leaders, the distrust, the anger and frustration, in my view are all basically related to our rapid loss of Liberty over the past 30 – 40 years and ESPECIALLY since 9/11/2001. When people are deceived by anyone, particularly by someone or a group of someone’s that they love or who they thought had their best interests at heart, distrust, anger, and frustration will always result…at least initially. It’s human nature.

From what I have observed the unhappiness generated by deception can be reversed in a relatively short period of time after researching and educating ourselves about why we were so gullible in the first place. It becomes an enlightening experience and so many inconsistent and illogical events which shape most people’s world views begin to make sense.

They don’t make sense from a moral or ethical point of view, but learning the truth about why we go to war, about the real purpose of a fiat monetary system and the Federal Reserve System, and understanding the origin and true purpose of Government, really helps individuals regain their ability to think logically and have more confidence in themselves.

Having confidence in yourself, taking personal responsibility for your own life, and overcoming the illusion that Government is in place to be your friend, protect you, and take care of you from cradle to grave actually helps to reverse negative attitudes and it cures apathy.

In my case, Ron Paul is almost solely responsible for curing my apathy, pointing me in a direction where I have learned about what true Liberty is, and changed my life from one of constant stress and chasing my tail trying “to keep up with the Jones” , to a lifestyle that runs on my schedule and allows me to enjoy the people and things that are most important in my life. I can’t get rid of the leviathan that we call Government, but Ron Paul and now many others, (Stefan Molyneux, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Judge Nap, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Joe Rogan) have all played a role in my ability to become truly FREE in my personal life. I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the change that has happened in my life. Answering these questions is just one way for me to try and help others get to where I am. Thanks to all of those that have helped me. Working together to change the hearts and minds of our friends and neighbors is the solution to our problems. Becoming involved in volunteerism and the freedom movement is not only worthwhile to ourselves and our posterity...it’s enjoyable and very personally satisfying.

“The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything.”

Thanks, Loved the Series

Fittingly, the government has symbolically revealed their first, main, and only solution to any problem. They arrested Santa Clause for expressing "peace and love" in sidewalk chalk.

The most non-permanent and non-offensive act of kindness is punished by the most permanent act of cruelty.


Symbolism at its finest. ;)

Just open the box and see


"Fast-forward five years and Eric Michael had become the creator and distributor of the “Ron Paul Super Brochure”, which made it’s way to 3.5 million households during the 2012 election cycle. That’s 3.5 million households getting the ideas of liberty delivered directly to their front door, all because of one bumper sticker. "

This is EXACTLY why I wear my Ron Paul 2012 campaign hat everywhere I go.

I recommend everyone find some Ron Paul swag, My Ron Paul hat has struck up conversations for me at Hangout Music Festival in 2012 with a felafel vendor/supporter, in a bar in Savannah with a fellow libertarian, and sporadically throughout the weeks of wear.

The recognition I received from simply wearing a hat truly made the movement real and tangible for me. It's always a joy to wear it around town in hopes that these types of interactions will continue.

great post!

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds"

Nullify the gop. Colorado can

Nullify the gop. Colorado can do more in 4 years then the failed gop/dnc can do in a lifetime, Nullification!!

Ron Paul 2016

Dr Ron Paul questions authority: "What if?"

As exhausting as it surely would be, to follow in Ron Paul's footsteps is a mighty task, consider.

What if we took but one footstep?

What if we followed one question?

What if we followed one idea?

What if?

Ron Paul "What If?" Speech. Background music is "Arrival to Earth"

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

...and the rest of the observing world asks....

....why do we tolerate and perpetuate it?

Because without "the coin of the realm", no business at all can be transacted.

This was all well thought out ahead of time.....as noble as our objections are, who has the "power" to introduce, enforce, or implement a righteous and just solution?

Every living body. Everyone of us.

Microbes. Bugs. Fish & fowl. Animals too! Even the lowest one, man.

Why is man the only one of all species that hankers after "coin of the realm? ... Money?

In our modern world man need not even be paid his worth... Just a promise will suffice... Merely a promissory note... A green one at that... Not even ripe for the picking.

Man, the lowest of the animals.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


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LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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