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The Awakening - 2012 Crossing Over - A New Beginning.

An uplifting video with a broad perspective. Some amazing ideas you may never have heard about, or thought of. We are becoming more conscious and aware, awakening, and nothing can stop that process.


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I already linked this video

I already linked this video in my post a few days ago but as it is so well worth seeing have voted up this post anyway.


Sorry did not see your post!

Everything flies by so fast here. I found the video by accident on YouTube. It IS worth watching. +1 for your post also. :)


for hope. Hope will save us.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"
- Howard Beale



Thank you

for adding the video on the page. It is beautiful and covers so many cultures
that have the same information about the time we are in. Very uplifting.


Looks good. Bookmarked for later viewing.

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