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Inventor: Internet leaving kids brain-dead; 'Google generation losing creativity'

Daily Mail:One of Britain's leading inventors has warned that a 'Google generation' who rely on the internet for everything are in danger of becoming 'brain-dead'.

Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, said children are losing creativity and practical skills because they spend too much time in front of screens.

The 75-year-old said he fears that the next generation of inventors is being lost, with young people often unable to make anything with their hands.

But he said children could rediscover vital skills if schools used Meccano and other practical toys.
Mr Baylis said: 'Children have got to be taught hands-on, and not to become mobile phone or computer dependent.

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I Don't Really Agree

I don't agree with him.

It's just a new medium of exchange and/or technology.

It's a change from "when he was a kid".

I'm creative, online.

I make my entire financial living based off of websites.

I've written two screenplays on a computer.

Failed to finish countless others lol

I pontificate great thoughts and ideas on the Daily Paul...

It's just different than what he's used too.

I have a degree in computer technology so I'm sort of biased.

Not to diminish this guy's theory

But you don't need to invent something with your hands (something physical, tangible) in order to invent something.

You telling me Netflix wasn't an innovative invention? The first mainstream online film streaming service. Or Photoshop? That's like discovering how to use a chisel and stone back in the stone ages.

There's a lot more technology can do for us, the problem is when it starts ruling us.

There's a game called Deus Ex: Human Revolution - it has one of the top story lines in a game I've ever seen. It's based in the future when humans have gained the technology of "augmentations." - They used the augments to upgrade body parts: arms, legs, eyes, etc.
Except there's a catch 22 because in the game their bodies naturally reject the augments...they have to buy expensive medicine from the companies who built the augmentations in order to survive. As the game gets closer to the end they show how much power they really have when nearly everyone with augments dies by the push of a mere button.

No, technology has much, much more to give us - the problem is determining when we've had too much.

Btw, here's a trailer for Deus Ex - it's 5 mins long for anyone interested at a look at game of the year for 2011.

This Researcher Has Discovered Video Games Improve Brain


action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask.


Creativity is suffering...I agree.

Necessity is the mother of invention...when/if things go south I'll bet creativity gets a jump start...from every age group.

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Well that's humans for you

We're pretty adaptable. If "the grid goes down" we'll have youth with new skill sets within a generation or two.

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All I see is .

Starving Zombies.If are youth are brain dead. They need brains to feed. Thats sad.LOL

Old People

Why are old people so afraid of technology and why do they hate everything we young people do? Can you stop hating us for a little while?

You realize that this guy

is an *inventor* right?

Holds patents? Has developed products that people
actually use in the real world? Is still working and creating
stuff at age 75?

*WTF* do you think technology *comes* from?

I don't think he hates young people, he just sees
people becoming braindead from over-reliance on
systems that may not be around when you need
them, and are not under users' true control.

And which do not by themselves provide the right kinds of
stimulation to properly develop the old "insert tab A into slot B"
type intelligence which has pretty central to human survival
and prosperity.

However much information those systems
can provide, they do not directly produce or create
anything in the real world.

Or maybe now we can somehow have technology
without having to be creative?

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Why wouldn't they be afraid of technology?

I'm 27, so I do not really fall into the old person catagory, but it makes sense they are afraid of technology. It's the unknown, right?

Dude is clueless

He is blind. Look around, there are clearly more inventions on a daily basis than in most entire years of past history. There is no comparison. There have always been braindead people, but now there are a ton of geniuses and people empowered with tools they didn't have before. We are seeing innovation on an exponential level. How anyone could think it's stifled is beyond me. If anything we've got far too much innovation.

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They don't understand it.

These people don't understand the level of creativity that goes into designing a site or creating any of the stuff that people create. They probably don't even come across half of the cool stuff that the "brain dead" generation knows about. They can walk into an art gallery or a theater. They know how to find a bookstore, but they just don't know what is out there on the web or how to search for it.

But even all of that aside,

But even all of that aside, you can look at the real world and see what bullcrap this claim is. Look at all the new devices coming out all the time. New technology to help disabled people. New inventions of all kinds, from wall to wall. There is absolutely nothing anywhere to suggest that innovation is currently stifled...

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Better reading at...

...the Comments' section below the article.

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Coming to FOX Fall 2030.

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A 75 year old man

thinks the next generation is stupid? How is this even a story? Every generation thinks the next is messed up yet technology keeps getting better by leaps and bounds. Waste of time article. Must be a slow news day on the liberty front.

How about the fact that the

How about the fact that the average person living in the 1930's thru 1960's had an IQ of 50?

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I think it depends on how kids use the internet

In a lot of ways, internet seems to be the new TV, but with more potential. For kids to get the most out of that potential, they need some instruction, but also some innate curiosity.

Some kids (and people) just hang around on facebook all day, looking at what their friends are doing; they play video games, watch dumb videos on YouTube and surf porn. If that's all people use the internet for, and if they're just copying their term papers from Wikipedia, then I agree with the inventor quoted here.

Of course the internet has so much more potential for those who know how to use it and find it. But the internet these days isn't like it was when I started out a dozen years ago. The corporations are taking over and using it for the same thing they use everything else - to milk money out of people.

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I agree for the most part

However, I tend to think that the people who are using the internet for those purposes alone would be the same ones who would just find some other mind numbing activity if a computer wasn't available.

I cannot imagine what goes into managing a site like this, but I know that it must take a lot of creativity, planning, and work. Those are good skills to have, regardless of where you use them. I just wish that those who don't understand what the internet has to offer would take a moment to learn about it before criticizing.

The idea that it is killing creativity is just plain wrong, and anyone saying that sort of thing clearly does not have any idea of what is out there. In fact, it's given people a means to express their creativity new ways.

This Idea that TV, Video Games and Computers

are making us stupid has been around since the beginning. Their is no scientific proof any of it is real. Just like the myth if you sit too close to the TV you will go blind.

Those kids who sit on Facebook, watch porn or play video games all day probably wouldn't be anymore productive or more creative if those things didn't exist.

People who are driven to learn new things and make new things do so with or with out those distractions and people who are stupid and lazy grow up to be politicians

Read "Amusing Ourselves to

Read "Amusing Ourselves to Death"

Read it

It's one mans theory not scientific research. It focuses on tv not the internet which are two completely different mediums

it focuses on entertainment,

it focuses on entertainment, not necessarily just tv, as it happened to be the most popular at the time, and internet was not even around

Thats what I said...

His theory was focused on TV since it was the most common form of entrainment... It doesn't relate here since the internet is a completely different form of medium. People come up with these theories all the time most most research actually suggests internet and video games improve our brains

"A study by Dr. Code found no differences between frequent and infrequent internet users for their processing skills. “But there was a difference in both planning and attention,” Stevens says. “Specifically, frequent Internet users did better on the tests for both planning and attention than infrequent internet users.” A possible explanation is that “using the internet actually stimulates your mind

"A pair of neuroscience researchers performed brain scans of people while they did text searches on Google. “For those with internet experience, using Google to search actually produced higher levels of activation in the parts of the brain associated with complex reasoning and decision-making,” Greg Stevens

Video Games on the brain:


eh, correlation/causation/etc. people who use the internet are bound to be more intelligent, especially those who know how to find what information they're looking for.

Accually the findings were

internet users and non users had same ability to process (learn) but internet users were better in planning and attention...

Postman blamed television for a decline in cognitive skills however this recent study says their is no difference between internet users and non users. Also the avg IQ in US has risen 10 points since he wrote his book.

Grumpy old man mumbles about darned kids

Parents and some public school officials are still concerned about keeping America strong in science and technology, and are turning out brilliant and inquisitive kids. Seeing teens doing real science, new research.

The problem is that society is splitting, allowing deadbeats to remain deadbeats, treat school like a day care for 18 years, and with "loans" 22 years, before throwing them under the bus.

Need to clean house, but all is not lost yet.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Internet regulation will cure this societal ill

In Britain...


It's the TV that leaves

It's the TV that leaves people brain dead. The internet broadens you if you are so inclined to be broadened. I have learned so much from the internet, possibly I am less creative in the sense that in how much I have learned I have not had to "be creative" and learn them by myself. Yet it has simply saved lots of time and allows me the opportunity to be creative in areas that the world would be better off in me being creative. Not just relearning what humans have had to relearn over and over and over again.

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This article is pure bull#%@& !

Here is just a few things,but really you can learn how to do just about anything you want because of the internet.Just search for it.

learn how to play guitar.Marty Schwartz is one of many great teachers.

learn how to make stuff.Here is a pvc bow.

learn what you didn't in school:

And of coarse you can learn liberty thanks to Dr.Paul and the Daily Paul!

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What a silly assertion.

Inventive creative persons, kids & adults, will utilize any and ALL available tools, including internet, to realize their newly conceived "thoughts / dreams / images". It's the hope-filled fun-loving patience to nurture and help hatch those tingly urges to birth that pregnant souls need from the environment, with or without internet :-)