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Electoral College results-Did Ron Paul get any votes?

The Electoral College cast its votes on Monday, December 17, 2012. These are actual voters who elect the President of the United States. The actual results will be opened and read by MBNA Joe Biden in his capacity as President of the U.S. Senate at the beggining of the New Year.

It is expected that O'Bama will win, but there could be some surprises. We may have some independent electors who choose not to vote as expected. Specifically, I am hoping that some electors in places where Romney won the popular vote chose to vote for Ron Paul. The Texas Presidential Electors could give a vote or two to Dr. Paul.

Does anyone have any news about this?

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nullify the gop.

nullify the gop. nullification is the better way.

Ron Paul 2016

Meaning what?

Meaning what?

doesn't look like it...

...Obama won Maine and its four electors voted for him...

I remember the news stories about potential faithless electors included one in Iowa, a few in Nevada, and one in Texas. Since they were all Republican electors, only the Texas one would've had a chance to vote, but it looks like he didn't go through with it in the end (or somehow got thwarted): http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/12/17/4491895/romney-wins-...

I haven't heard or seen anything indicating anyone threw a symbolic vote out to Ron Paul; disappointing, it'd have been a nice symbolic gesture (but I haven't seen the official results yet, maybe someone did and it hasn't been reported)... the last intentional faithless elector vote was for Reagan in '76 by someone who was supposed to vote for Ford.

The Texas results are disappointing...

Well so much for the "Lone Star State" bit and independent Texans.

Someone needed to send a message to the GOP establishment that they screwed up this election.

In Maine

he received 4 electoral votes - the max.

Ron Paul is My President