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Navy SEAL (and Patriot) needs your help - calling on all Liberty minded friends!

We need 23,000 signatures - Please help!

In Carl’s own words, “If I will die proudly for others’ rights, what do you think I will do for my own?” This book is a living declaration of what all Americans can do for themselves with love and honor for this country.

Grant Navy SEAL Carl Higbie a Hearing Before The Administrative Separation Board To Request An Honorable Discharge



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a patriot for whom?

this makes no sense, navy seal who is used
around the world for killing using unconst
illegal orders? and at the same time a patriot?

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OH... have fun day :)

Yes, also my first reaction but then...

I looked into it a little further. A Navy SEAL who was used and now is feeling the blow back from it. A lot of us have our eyes opened through conversation about historical events, then there are those of us who are shaken awake by our unwitting participation in them.

We unknowingly oppose ourselves through allegiance to our flag and good faith in bad leaders. This SEAL is learning the truth about politics and our military industrial complex and is no longer serving. I know its hard to remember the gray Deacon, when you have been seeing black and white for so long. Unfortunately, this guy is just now figuring out how it works.

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thanks for the response

my eyes were opened about the military back in 82
when they wanted to court martial me for
disobeying a direct order,an order that would have gotten
some airmen killed
their actions told me all i needed t know about how it is ran
when they found out i would expose this fact,they honorably
discharged me,but only after the base commander got involved
all he wanted was it swept under the rug,but they could not undo what i had done to save them lives

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)