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Anarchy in the NYC 4/20

Tickets just $5 till January 1st
Purchase tickets here: http://anarchynyc.eventbrite.com
Visit our FB page for more info @ https://www.facebook.com/events/218277444972845

MC: Michael Salvi

Speakers confirmed:
Stefan Molyneux
Adam Kokesh
Michael Shanklin
John Bush
Antonio Buehler
scott crow
Emberlea McCulligh
Anthony Antonello
Danny Panzella
Chris Cantwell
Caleb Leverett
Craig FitzGerald
Jeff Berwick

Artists Confirmed:
Dave Cahill, of The Almighty Terribles
Corrected Axiom
Tracy Diaz
Truth Now

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Aren't the sponsors of this event the same people who did Paul Fest? Didn't Paul Fest lose like 30k? Was that money ever paid back?

I'm running it My involvement

I'm running it

My involvement with PaulFest was advice given when asked, and helped plug it. I had no official role, nor was I responsible for their finances. I do know the PaulFest crew worked their asses off to put on that event.

I've organized LibertyFest NYC 1,2,3, the Ron Paul rally "Boots to NH", and the after party for the "Troops for Ron Paul" event.

Hope that answers the first part to your series of antagonistic questions :)

Sponsors or event

Sponsors or event coordinators?

Are any of the event coordinators of the PaulFest the same that did the Revolution March?

Did the event coordiantor of the Paulfest tell you they lost 30k after you talked with them?

Do some of these people

Do some of these people believe in Anarchy?

juan maldonado


If you believe in the non-aggression principle, then you believe in anarchy as well.

I don't get how I believe in

I don't get how I believe in anarchy? I believe in the constitution man! Not anarchy! Lmao

juan maldonado


The non-aggression principle states that no one may initiate violence or threaten violence against person or property. Force may be used in defense or to respond to a threat or an aggressive act.

If you agree with this, then you are an anarchist, because the state violates this principle.

Perhpas you ought to read that body part off instead?

The Constitution, as it was written and intended, was based upon self governance. It is the perversion of that understanding that has led to our current situation. The Constitution is the ultimate "Anarchists Manifesto."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

A government by the people is

A government by the people is still government. Apparently anarchists these days are too stupid to understand that they are either a. not really anarchists or b. sadly mistaken on the so called merits of anarchism.


However when you look at government as a group of people how is that different from a business. As a business that dominates the Public Sector it is nothing more than a Monopoly. Pure Capitalism is Ⓐnarchy


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

And absolutely impossible...

And absolutely impossible... if you think otherwise you are completely naive and know very little about human nature. It is the same with Communism. It looks GREAT on paper then the realities of being human set in. Perhaps you should read some James Madison.

Communism is bad

Why do you think communism looks great on paper? I think it sounds horrific.

So the free market provision of goods and services can't work, but "limited government" will work? How's that been going?

Communism looks good on paper

Communism looks good on paper because everyone gets to do what they want and all work for the common good. However, as we all know it doesn't work out that way. Why wold communism be bad if you were doing what you wanted to do and you made your own money and could have anything you wanted? Right, it wouldn't be. We know it doesn't work that way though, right? Ask yourself why. Then ask yourself if anarchy would be any different.

Yes, a completely free market

Yes, a completely free market cannot work. If you really think about it it is exactly the same thing as pure communism. I suggest you read about the Paris Commune prior to the Franco-Prussian War and other such endevers. Why do you think the communes that were tried in the 60s and 70s failed? It WAS capitalism and it WAS communism... and guess what, human nature took its natural course. If you don't know what I am talking about then I am truly sorry for you and you will never understand.

Yes, we need government. We need government to protect your rights, just as our founders saw it. There will always be a strong man who will stand up and try to take what is yours because that is human nature. You will never change that. When you band together to fight that strong man and make laws (whether they are written down or not) that is GOVERNMENT! Anarchy is a myth. Get over it.

a pure Free Market

Is the exact same thing as pure Communism? the two are the exact polar opposite. If history ever demonstrated anything is that Government does not protect your rights, your rights are protected by you. Government uses Military force to take your rights away as all Military is Government operated.

The power of The State comes out of the Barrel of a Gun.~Mao

as for people banning together to fight that strong man. Fighting a bloody war is the farthest ideology from Anarchy. Free Trade promotes Peace; Pure free trade promotes World Peace. WAR is the myth, not Anarchy.


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

your naivety is showing.

your naivety is showing.


Scott Crow and Jeff Berwick.

I'll admit I dont know a lot of these speakers but thats what the event is for!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?



His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

good price for that lineup

good price for that lineup

anything $5

in NYC is a good price.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Would like to know who event organizers are

Does anyone know?

Ian Cioffi

Ian Cioffi