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LA Conducts Gun Buy Back Program

I don't know if you guys know, but it's already begun! We're one more step closer to living like they do in Mexico. I live here in Bakersfield California, I just moved here from New York and now look at this y'all. http://m.nbclosangeles.com/nbclosangeles/pm_107879/contentde...

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They Claim to have bought back 2 Rocket Launchers

and the news is jumping all over it
What the liberal fake news failed to mention is the 2 AT launchers were demilitarized and inoperable... They were sold at gun shows as collector pieces and can't fire...



juan maldonado

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of the better comments from the LA Times article:

"How do you 'buy back' something you never owned in the first place?"

"Anyone stupid enough not to know that a gun is worth more than a bag of groceries should be turning their guns in to the police state."

I was looking at prices on gunbroker last night. Prices in some cases have doubled for certain semi-autos. Store shelves are being emptied out around the country. One online supplier "Brownells" sold more AR-15 magazines in 3 days than they would in 3 years. The volume of sales supposedly crashed their ordering system.


You get a free gun in Mexico from the US Government then hop the boarder and sell it back to the government... sounds like a pretty sweet deal

Cash for Clunkers

"Some gun owners surrendering their weapons on Wednesday said they did so because they'd feel safer without a firearm."

Some feel safer not having the ability to defend themselves? Somehow that quote doesn't seem legitimate.

Hopefully they are just turning in stuff that can't be used, no questions asked, of course. And then take the frns and head to a good gun show/store.

I have yet to find a 'gun owner' who would give up their natural-born right so easily. I think PollMan nailed it in his response below.

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I wouldn't put it past the FEDS to be going to these dumb

buy back extravaganzas with previously confiscated weapons to make it look like lots of people are turning weapons in to brainwash the gullible sheeple into turning theirs in.

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Of course! That's actually

Of course! That's actually probably what there doing! We can't even imagine the type of evil we're dealing with guys.

juan maldonado

actually, in mexico

you can get your obamagun.

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Well, wouldn't you know

The buyback is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Van Nuys Masonic Temple

They're hoping the gang

They're hoping the gang members caught the telecast last night lol. So this the only way they can do this right? They can't force us. Can they?

juan maldonado

Its Funny

they schedule the buy back during the time when criminals are sleeping :)

I'm offering a similar program.

I will buy your unwanted gold and silver. I will pay up to 5 dollars per ounce for silver and up to 200 dollars per ounce for gold. Pretty good deal huh? Let me know if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Seriously, 100 bucks for handguns and rifles and 200 bucks for "assault" rifles? Those "turning in" their guns for such an undervalued payment are idiots. Pawn shops, gun stores, even private buyers will all pay much more than that.

Try buying a gun for what the cops are paying. Good luck.

People are stupid.

The $100-$200 Gun Buybacks are for...

Ralph's gift cards (Oh Boy!!)..


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i have a bunch of worthless old gold

i want to get rid of,i like the new better,and its worth more

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Lmao I know! The cops are

Lmao I know! The cops are giving gift cards for godsake! Lol, these stupid people man.

juan maldonado

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Wish I could bump this 100

times Brent.


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I've seen so many videos of

I've seen so many videos of Mexican cartel killings and I know what's in store for us if we don't stop this! This is scary guys and this is coming from a former Marine who went to Iraq. Honestly I really can't believe this is happening.

juan maldonado