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Sandy Hook - "No Assault Weapons Used."

What now gun grabbers?


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On what date was this aired? Chronological problem here.

I think this is one of the earliest reports--- pre coroner's report that a long gun was used. Please find an air date.

This is the firmest contradiction yet of the subsequent story

that Lanza went into the school with a Bushmaster. Newscasters says "several sources" say rifle was in car, and "apparently handguns and ONLY handguns" were on the scene.

This is after the coroner reports that ALL wounds were made by "the long weapon" (rifle.) http://abcnews.go.com/US/connecticut-school-massacre-police-...

Then police "disclose" that they found a long weapon after all, on the scene, and that is what Lanza used. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/12/15/connect...

Are they matching the weapon to fit the agenda? Or are they hiding the presence of other shooters and maybe Lanza really is a patsy?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Sue4theBillofrights, please check this report date...

...before spreading it around. I don't think this happened after the coroner reported that a long gun was used. I think this is older than that, i.e. it's out of order.

Both reports are dated 12/15

Does not say what time of day. I think the real question to be asking is, how could they get anything like this wrong at all? I can see the "fog of war" thing going on with a lot of things, but the number and type of guns you find laying next to the dead shooter in one of the worst crimes in history? That doesn't wash. How do you get that wrong? It's the most basic of all basic information. And cops know guns so this is their area of expertise. Something smells fishy.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Agree 100% with everything you wrote.

I just don't want to be posting a reversal of a reversal of a news story if it's not true. Did that make sense?
When searching for the air date of this clip I happened on an AR-15 website and this same story was posted as if there was no assault rifle, and then there was one, and now there isn't one---like this post is suggesting. The other members on that site were chastising the poster for not doing due diligence on the air date, and the poster apologized profusely. We have to be careful not to post what isn't there. I also looked through the news's videos and couldn't find this, which let me to believe it was one of the older ones.
And yes, this whole reporting doesn't wash. I know a little something about guns---am in no way an expert--- but if I looked at shell casings (hundreds?) on the school floor I would know if they were from an AR-15 vs a handgun. It's even more obvious if you pick one up and read it!
So...where are we?

Police are generally totally incompetent. Victim's find this out

I found it out when I reported my armed robbery and car jacking.

Their police report filing once leaked to the media was like that game you play in school where you whisper into someone's ear, then they whisper into another person's ear, and again and then nothing you said was said to the last person to hear it.

Only contrived lies and misinformation come from an official police spokesman. He is like 3-4 ears away from the original statements taken from victims and witnesses. And even the original statements are not used but instead compiled/paraphrased into something more interesting as a story (lie) and politically correct (propaganda).

The end product of course is designed to remove any negative info about officers in the performance or lack of performance in their duty.

We would be better off to fire all "police" and leave these serious investigations to a "sheriff" who acts as his own investigator and spokesperson; a sheriff who can be held accountable come the next election.

These buffoons in the Connecticut State Police and their overpaid federal assistants in BATFE, FBI, ALPHABET soup, etc are career money wasters only concerned with making themselves look good; and they are unable to even do that without the news media looking the other way and ignoring their blatant incompetence altogether.


Either way,

Whether this turns out to be another CIA/FBI sting operation or some nut case on Psychotropic meds who melted down, ONE THING IS FOR CERTAIN, WE THE PEOPLE need MORE Weapons to fight off the criminal Government and the crazies that the US Killing machine has created over the past decade through our INSANE foregin policy and our increasingly INSANE Domestic policy.

I sure wish some of the "Good Guys" in the armed forces and some of the "Good" police officers would start arresting the terrorists who have usurped our Federal Government. DO YOUR JOB OATHKEEPERS! Save Amerika!

If they are saying no assault weapon was used

then they are gonna go after hand guns right?

If someone was assaulted...

Then an assault weapon was used.

"Assault" is a crime. If someone is assaulted then whatever weapon used in the assault is the assault weapon. Even if it was a fork or a baseball bat.

This whole "assault weapon" meme is just brainwashing.

I can truthfully, under penalty of perjury, state on the stand that I have no assault weapons in my possession simply because I haven't assaulted anyone.

How many potential assault weapons do I have? Literally thousands just lying around all over the place.

Just because the "official

Just because the "official story" has changed doesn't mean that the information in this news cast is incorrect.

True, but it probably

does mean that the neatly scripted official
account must have some serious loose ends
that someone has failed to tie down.

Having to continually shift what is supposed to
be a definitive account doesn't do much
for the authorities' credibility..

front page?

how did this fall off the front page of DP?



vid was uploaded to YouTube today, however this news segment aired on 12/15. It's old news, sorry 'bout that.

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new/old information

if the person hearing it hasn't heard it before, it's new information


Aired on December 15, 2012

So this is the old story.

Of course, does anyone really know the current story?

My bad

I didn't realize this was aired on the 15th!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

It's okay, they'll probably

It's okay, they'll probably change the story and you'll be up to date again.


no Assault Weapon was used
4 Handguns were used


Assault Weapon was used
No handguns were used.

What's the generally accepted story here?

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

You mean they'll change the

You mean they'll change the script, right? I don't know about you, but all the crap going on, I don't buy it's accidental and without influence or control from things outside the perpetrators.

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Anybody know when this video

Anybody know when this video was made?



Aired on December 15, 2012

Aired on December 15, 2012


Just open the box and see

Ok, now it's getting really strange

This thing is going to blow up. How messed up can this story get?

anyone find other videos

anyone find other videos saying the same thing?

They just can't seem to get on the same page!

I've read that cops went to the gun store that the media claimed Lanza tried to purchase a gun from and it was determined that it was in fact not him.

This video was the first I've heard about him being at the school earlier in the week - anyone know more about that?

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