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Reality Check: Do you Support the Constitution?

When the founders of America wrote the constitution, including the bill of rights, they wanted to make it very clear for the layman to comprehend. If you do not know what rights are guaranteed by the constitution, then how can you support and defend it? After having a heated debate on another forum in a chat room I felt compelled to come here and post this along with a few test questions.

1) Do you support the war on drugs?
2) Do you support DUI laws?
3) Do you support ANY KIND of weapons ban?
4) Do you support any requirement to register weapons or require any type of permit to carry them?
5) Do you support Driver licensing requirements for private travel?
6) Do you support ANY type of foreign military intervention, or any type of pre-emptive war?
7) Are you currently a registered voter?
8) Do you believe foreign nationals do not have constitutionally guaranteed rights?
9) Do you support any type of direct taxation on anything?
10) Do you believe someone can be arrested for any non-violent act WITHOUT a grand jury indictment or presentment?
11) Do you believe there is any way to lawfully nullify a provision in the constitution absent a constitutional amendment?

Keep in mind in the above questions the key thing to remember is "is this lawful or not?"

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the most you can truthfully say is you perhaps support PORTIONS of the constitution, but not all of it.

It is important to comprehend that even today if you know what you are doing in a court (which is arguably quite few of us) that you can still assert constitutionally guaranteed rights even though some state statute has apparently nullified them. This is not something I would obviously advise for the layman with no education in law. There are realities that we have to face.

I hope is becomes crystal clear to anyone who does not fully realize why the group occupying Washington will not propose a constitutional amendment for anything they want to do with respect to the constitution because THEY KNOW IT WILL NOT PASS.

Voting can be rigged as the majority here at the Daily Paul should know. You can't RIG the voting on a constitutional amendment as all state reps' votes are published. Anyone can go online and get a transparent count to see if it passed or failed in their state.

State reps are also MUCH easier to access and also to remove. I must also mention the sheriff here who is the last line of defense in your county - as most violate their oaths there is no reason to pay attention to ANY OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIAL. He/she is the one who really matters the most in your own back yard when it comes to protecting your rights.

There is a veil of illusion that, because so many people believe in the illusion - it is becoming a reality. Our rights are being stripped away IN FACT because people do not just read the constitution. So do you support the constitution? Or not?

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: I'm not looking to debate right or wrong, what drugs do to people or who's child was killed by a drunk driver. This post is strictly about comprehending what was left to us by our forefathers. If you disagree with any of these questions: Please quote the exact text in the constitution where "We the People" granted powers to the government to support your opinion that government does in fact LAWFULLY have that power.

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Monopoly False Fronts

"When the founders of America wrote the constitution, including the bill of rights, they wanted to make it very clear for the layman to comprehend."

Look here:


The Myth about how The Constitution was anything other than organized crime made legal ought to be stopped dead in its tracks, and no longer having so many duped supporters providing the means by which we suffer, which is an abject belief in falsehood without question.

This is a Nation State, Communist Style (was communist styled before the communists copied the style) Involuntary Government EXACTLY where it is crime made legal.

If a Carl Miller, or any other free man, or woman, knows all the information required to fight the Legal Crime Game according to all the Legal Crime Rules (Admiralty or whatever you want to call it), then the OP opening words are false:

"When the founders of America wrote the constitution, including the bill of rights, they wanted to make it very clear for the layman to comprehend."

That is patently absurd. The layman does not know, nor does the OP appear to know, that The Constitution was written by criminals so as to be CONSTRUCTED to mean anything the criminals want it to mean, and that means that it is a LIE, and what do you think happens when the constructors of lies are challenged on their lies?

One lie becomes two, and two become four, and four become sixteen, and in no time there are so many lies that there are not enough libraries to store all the lies that intend to cover up the first one.

Carl Miller's are the exceptions, by a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way exceptional compared to the layman.

It may be a good idea to move closer to the exceptions, sure, but the parroting of more lies just covers up the lies better, so why do it?


The Constitution was the

The Constitution was the biggest centralization of power in American history. It was financed by bankers after creating currency crises in almost every colony. And now the Feds control everything, just as the banksters intended. The Constitution should not be worshiped from a libertarian standpoint at all.

It's a convenient starting point today just because the Feds control everything and talking about 50 individual nation states is a far leap for most people to make, but when I see so-called libertarians who don't get it I wonder how much they have really thought through their beliefs.

Ron Paul knows this, just look at my sig line. But he also knows talking about anarcho capitalism is just completely out of the question for most people. This shouldn't be news to anyone here, but my post will still get voted down.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

I agree with you.

Which is why the Bill of Rights was added to it.

If you haven't seen how Carl Miller utilizes the Bill of Rights in a court of law then you have not been witness to the true power of the constitution (which includes the Bill of Rights).

Carl Miller (aka Constitution Man) is undefeated using the SAME EXACT line of questioning and the same 7-9 different supreme court cases to defend every one of his constitutionally guaranteed rights.