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My vote for Ron Paul was counted...sort of

It tooks weeks, but Outagamie County finally posted the election results for write-in candidates. I was thrilled to see that write in candidate "Rocky" received 2 votes, and that Roseanne Barr received exactly 3. There was no listing for Ron Paul. There were, however, 151 votes for "Scattered." I imagine that would be for candidates that got less than Rocky or Roseanne.

I looked at my Ward and saw no votes for Rocky or Roseanne, but I saw two for Scattered. I was one of those. So then I thought, gee, what if Ron Paul was the majority of the Scattered votes? It raises the question: why was he not counted. Is it because he did not declare himself to be a write in candidate, as did Rocky and Roseanne? Or did the County CHOOSE not to publish his results? Hmmmm. I also noticed other counties listed the same two write in candidates and made no mention of Ron Paul, so I'm thinking it was a State determination, not a County decision.

So I wrote to the County and asked for clarification as to why, and also how I can find out how many votes Ron Paul received.

I'll let you know what I find out.