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Study: Alcohol worse for your brain than pot.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Salon.com: Some new science demonstrates that marijuana may not have the harmful effects critics claim. In fact, while pot had no measured impact in a new study, the very legal and very lucratively-marketed substance alcohol actually has a worse health impact on young users.

Specifically, a new study of substance-using teenagers’ brains shows that the regular use of alcohol had a harmful effect on the boozing group, while the toking-up group’s brains suffered little alteration.

From Medical Daily, emphasis ours:

The researchers, from the University of California, San Diego and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, performed the study on 92 16- to 20-year-olds. The scientists scanned their brains both before and after an 18-month period. Over the course of the 18 months, half of the teens, who already had an extensive track record with alcohol and marijuana, continued their vices as they had before. The other half continued to abstain or drink a minimal amount, like they too had done before the study.

In addition to the brain scans, the study also required a detailed toxicology report and substance use assessment. The teens also were interviewed every six months. Researchers did not check the teens’ cognitive ability, but simply took brain scans.

The researchers found that, after the year and a half was over, kids who had drank five or more alcoholic beverages twice a week had lost white brain matter. That means that they could have impaired memory, attention, and decision-making into adulthood. The teens that smoked marijuana on a regular basis had no such reduction.

While other studies have had less clear results, this study is important for a few reasons.

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Keith Richards and Ozzy

I know someone in the substance abuse field who suggests to his clients/patients that the Human Riff i.e. Keith Richards, and Ozzy's current condition is from years of alcohol abuse and not the hard drugs. This is in the context of which substances are worse for you physically, (what taxes you more physically, i.e. internal organs etc..) he teaches that it is alcohol hands down. This is followed by a story of unsuccesfull attempts to treat a patient who was long term Heroin user whose funeral he attended. The man died at 79 years of age because his ladder collapsed as he was carrying a bundle of shingles up on his roof to make a repair. He said Alcoholics would be lucky to live to 79 and if they did they would not be in the physical condition to do cary 75 pounds up a ladder. He isn't suggesting that his patients use Heroin or other drugs instead of alcohol, (he emphasizes that they have the potential to ruin you financially, create legal problems, ruin family relationships etc...), he is just trying to open their eyes to the physical damaging effects of alcohol. No time to edit, sorry for spelling grammar etc.....

Respiratory risk

Main risk is damage to respiratory and lungs. There is some research. Like tobacco marijuana produces tars when smoked. Tars are identified with lung cancer.

There will be more university medical studies as marijuana becomes legal across the states.

But it seems that that there is nothing as dangerous as the toxic brew that is put in commercial cigarettes. Not yet anyway. But if Brown & Williamson, Phillip Morris or any of the others get into the game you can bet they will try to make it addictive.

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no offence

But who cares. It does not justify removing one or enabling another another


Tyranny is worse.


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Not disagreeing with the

Not disagreeing with the conclusion, but the study only looked at the effect on, "white brain matter." In order to prove that alcohol is worse than pot, wouldn't you have to look at more than one indicator? Just my thoughts; I haven't studied any sort of neuroscience so please correct me if im wrong.

The rulers want to tell you all is bad for you

Because they fear you.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I'm glad studies like this are being done

But even to a non medical professional with half their brain still intact; it should be obvious, alcohol is much worse than pot.


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Good Point

Fantastic, but nothing new.

I don't mean to poo-poo your thread, OP, but we need to move the conversation forward and start talking about hemp production.

It's been "studied by millions of Americans" already and weed just doesn't do that much harm to people over a certain age.

Producing hemp for bio-diesel would cut the snake off at its head. We need to encourage other states to make HEMP legal before WEED.

Ruderalis strain....yuck.

Lima-1, out.

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My preference

Is a cold beer! I have smoked a lot of the dreaded weed! So I can simply say what "I" prefer...
But, I would say from "my" experience, that alcohol in the long run would be much more harmful than pot!
The issue as I see it is Freedom!

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Medical comparison worth noting, too.

If i were forced to attempt to build a "field hospital" and all I had was a still and a field of marijuana, I would use the alcohol to clean skin and equipment, and use the marijuana - every bit - for the healing of patients in some way. Seed oil, juiced greens, "Phoenix tears," - the plant is a miraculous healing gift, given to us by our Creator. Those who insist on being kept from its full benefit are only those who have not looked into the matter, free of the "War on Drugs" bias they have been conditioned to hold. Or those who profit nicely from the prohibition model...

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i absolutely agree...

As a former drinker and current pot smoker... alcohol lays waste to anything productive. Pot generally helps me. I don't smoke often.. but when I do it helps with stress and creativity. Alcohol never helped me do anything but be an asshole and black out.

Good find. Thx for sharing.

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