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Woman backs over and kills her kid with her SUV; Demands Government do something to fix it

Sad. Just all the way around, sad. Sorry to have to post this, but it has to be posted.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In the private hell of a mother's grief, the sounds come back to Judy Neiman. The SUV door slamming. The slight bump as she backed up in the bank parking lot. The emergency room doctor's sobs as he said her 9-year-old daughter Sydnee, who previously had survived four open heart surgeries, would not make it this time.

Her own cries of: How could I have missed seeing her?

The 53-year-old woman has sentenced herself to go on living in the awful stillness of her West Richland, Wash., home, where she makes a plea for what she wants since she can't have Sydnee back: More steps taken by the government and automakers to help prevent parents from accidentally killing their children, as she did a year ago this month.

"They have to do something, because I've read about it happening to other people. I read about it and I said, 'I would die if it happens to me,'" Neiman says. "Then it did happen to me."


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She just wants...

the government to make it not her fault. That's all. Just as long as it wasn't her fault she'll be able to live with herself; her selfish, negligent self.


She wants them to take her license away?

That's why all new cars have

That's why all new cars have child safety locks on the doors. This was parental negligence, pure and simple.

Blessings )o(

any bets she was

on the phone?

how do you NOT notice your passenger NOT get in the car?

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Simple Question....

I am not saying this woman needs to go to jail at all, I understand that terrible tragedies happen.

However, why exactly was she not charged with something? (This is seriously me wanting to understand the law and how it works, again not trying to send a woman to jail.)

She technically killed her kid, wouldn't the justice system charge her with something?

to be honest, i'm surprised our "justice system" didn't charge

her. Accidents used to be just that--accidents. Now, with our out of control government, the accidental death of your child is the least of your worries. While you're grieving they charge you with murder. Terrible!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

wait a minute. how many open heart surgeries??

what a life this 9 year old had.

in the immortal words of ron

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The Comment Section

At the end of the article is full of good responses. That is a bit relieving, I thought for sure I would find a bunch of comments about how the government should fix this.

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This is nothing but her way

This is nothing but her way of shifting the blame from herself to others so she can live with herself. The safety rule of thumb of (especially if you have a large vehicle) is to reverse park or check around your vehicle before backing out, but no, its not her fault her bad habits cost a life. Instead of creating another law, how about raising money for an awareness campaign to inform others to reverse park or check around their vehicles before leaving?

The only solution the govt can

make in order for this not to happen is to ban all vehicles. I don't think this lady is thinking rationally, she should have paid more $ for the cars that have the back up beep and camera.

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Making people safe

Perhaps she should make the government rethink the drone killings and stop murdering innocents!

This Is Stupid

I know she's dealing with grief, but this is stupid.

She can get a backup camera installed (after-market) on her SUV.

This could have been done at anytime if she were worried about it.

Now that she's worried about it, I assume she has one installed?

Why do I get the feeling she still does not have a back-up camera installed?

Because SHE wants YOU to pay

Because SHE wants YOU to pay for it!

Cars Kill!

Ban them!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

But please ban all Kia and

But please ban all Kia and Hyundai cars first.

An "all aboard" light?

Very sad story, but I don't see how shifting the blame helps. We are a nation of collectivists always trying to save each other with laws.
I avoid running over my child by making sure she's in the truck before we get going. I avoid running over my cat and chickens by checking under the tires before I get in the truck. It's a bit of a hassle so I wish the government would force the car companies to make something to keep the cat and chickens out from under my truck. That will magically appear on my 1993 pickup, right?

Force auto companies to

Force auto companies to instal chicken and cat guards on all vehicles.

Let's Just Make Death Illegal

That should solve the problem. Just outlaw death. You know the politicians would love to take credit for that.

Although, I guess we already made involuntary manslaughter and negligent homicide illegal. Maybe we should increase the penalties...

Clearly, making new vehicles more expensive might improve the safety of the rich and those with jobs. Unless they are run into by someone who can't afford one.

My car doesn't even have air bags, because I am not willing to buy a new car at today's prices (even if I had income).

Maybe we should just skip the next few decades of incrementalism and let the government operate all the vehicles for us.

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I thought all these people in San Franciso

Hated God and Jesus and loved Darwin and creationsim?

Well - welcome the a Darwinian world where the dumb species die out.
There you have it.

Sorry to be so cold about it - but frankly - I am sick of people trying to sugar coat - you are an idiot for getting in your SUV and not even being aware enough to realize yuor child was not in it yet. And the girl was 9 - so I am guesing mommy did not back up in a DMV approved manner and speed - otherwise I am guesing a 9 yo would have moved. AND I also notice YOU ARE STILL DRIVING THAT STATUS SYMBOL CADILLAC SUV AND NOT A COMPACT CAR!!!


Unfortunately, in this case the dumb one survived.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

San Fran ain't what it used to be

or CA in general

Accidents can happen to all of us.

However, I've seen this troubling trend in the past. I guess to cope with one's grief, one will subconsciously blame someone else. They think this way something good can come out of their loss. Unfortunately they believe more government is that good thing. :(

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

We must make everything in

We must make everything in the world save for all humans. Saving only one life is not enough. We must do whatever it takes to save all lives.

The lady is wrong to ask government for help. She needs to get to the real government, the United Nations, the government of humanity. They care for people and know what is best for us.


thank God

this was satire! I got really angry their for a second :)

Why make new laws? By law you

Why make new laws? By law you are already required to circle your car checking light operation every time you drive somewhere...that should satisfy the need for legislation. Its terrible...but this is a case of some lady trying to blame others for her own actions.

"Circle of safety"

I was taught that. Am I the only one? I am sorry for her loss, but the ONLY thing that can prevent this is checking. If she will not do it, why does she expect a government lackey to do it? If it is some technological fix she demands, what about the day that battery runs dead, or a wire shorts out, and it fails and you have not checked for yourself?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes- was taught it - but probably not too many others

There is also unforseen concequeces of relying on the technology.

I have a car and a truck. The truck has the backup sensors that beep when there is something behind the truck. The car does not - but it does have the coolest key - it isnt a key- it is electronic- you get near the car - the door unlocks - no need to put it in the ignition(cause there isnt one) - just push the button and if the "key" is in the car it will start - it also wont lock the car if the keys are inside it. All these are great "conveniences" - well not really. Know why? Because when I get in the car I often times forget to look very well because clearly it would be beeping if there was something behind me - and guess what- the damn truck doesnt care if the keys are in it - you lock it and the doors lock - thank god for spare keys.

My point is - these conveniences make us lazy by nature - and as such makes us more irresponsible. Take it all away and force people to be responsible again.

It's the rules that are delayed

but the market desire for those things is there. I've driven a vehicle with a rear-view camera and appreciated the extra tool and would definitely buy one if I could afford it. I also pay attention to how good the rear-view visibility is.

But people who aren't thinking a kid might be behind them won't be looking at those cameras and checking those more visible spots. They're just one more tool to be used by the people who already are.

Defend Liberty!

This is so incredibly sad.

I also know of a neighbor that ran over their two year old that crawled under the car. It teaches us all to always check before backing up! Nothing can make it right once the accident happens!