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whitehouse.gov petition to Abolish the Federal Reserve

I don't sign any of these since it's like asking the Mafia to stop charging shake down money...but I'd love to hear what Obama had to say if 1/2 million people signed the abolish the fed petition.

Right now it has less than 500 but it just started the other day.


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End the Fed gets no play around here?

LOL! I agree with the OP, though. This whole "White House Petition" nonsense is named "We The People" almost like they are trying to spit on Bob Schulz and his "We The People" decades long effort to ... wait for it.... petition for the right of redress. These "feel good" petitions have NO IMPACT or force of law. But they sure are good at finding out who is discontent...
So, I really recommend YOU sign it, but I'm gonna pass... I like to EARN my way onto their lists, not go volunteer. ;)

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