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Gallop: Record number of Americans oppose handgun ban

Good news for the constitution!!

"A new 'post-Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting' Gallup poll shows 74 percent of Americans now support the right to possess a handgun, while just 24 percent would support a ban."

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That poll also said: "These

That poll also said:

"These results are from a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Dec. 19-22, just days after the Newtown tragedy. Gallup's prior measure of Americans' attitudes toward new gun laws was conducted in October 2011. Since then, there have been several other mass shootings in the U.S., including one in July at a Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead and more than 50 wounded. More recently, a gunman killed his boss and four others at a factory in Minneapolis in September, and in August a U.S. Army veteran opened fire in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, killing six.

Perhaps as a result of these events, the new poll also finds that a record-high 47% of Americans favor passing new gun laws, up from 35% in 2011. Since Gallup first asked this question in 2000, majorities have consistently preferred enforcing the current laws more strictly without passing new laws."

So....... a majority favors passing new gun laws. Not bans, new laws.



Yes, and 99%

were against banker and automaker bailouts and what did that matter?

Most hand guns are semi-automatic.

So which is it? Are you for a hand gun ban or not?

Semi-automatic means the gun fires once for each trigger pull without the need to reload. The standard six shooter is a semi-automatic.

The fact of the matter is at

The fact of the matter is at least the majority still believe in the 2nd amendment. Perhaps not for the true purpose that DP's, preppers, etc are aware of. Education of the true meaning of the amendment would be the next step for freedom lovers to promote.

They take these polls to see how much they can get away...

with. In the words of Murray Rothbard:

"...in order to continue in office, any government
- not simply a “democratic” government - must
have the support of the majority of its subjects.

Anatomy of the State


Bump bump bump

Take that gun grabbers!

Thanks for posting.

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