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January 21, 2013, National Day of Mourning - Wear Black!

The news is making me sick. I did all I could to get Ron Paul the nomination & failed. Now, Zombie admits he never wanted it all along. If Ron had gotten the nomination, I know we would have done everything we could to elect him & it would have happened. Right now, we would be experiencing such elation knowing that Ron was going to take over, and put our country back on a Constitutional course. Can you imagine how exciting that would have been? Plus, the troops would be coming home.

Well, that's not happening & reality looks so dismal. That's why I think Obama's inaugural should be a National Day of Mourning for all of us. January 21st, we should all wear black.

It's a small gesture, but if thousands of us did it, we'd have made a statement. Of course, we'd all be called racist, but that's part of being an American nowadays.

Cynthia Kennedy
Delegate, Nevada

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"No colors any more

I want them to turn black!"

Of coarse he wanted to win!

Mitt and his spawn are just sore losers.
If Mitt really, REALLY didn't want to be in the Shitehouse, he just fraudulently spent millions of tax payer dollars, and should be made to pay it all back. Every last cent.