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Censored by Local Newspaper!

Earlier today my local news paper posted a premature obituary type opinion gathering piece regarding former president George H.W. Bush.


Of course I felt the need to share my memories of good ole H.W.. This was the comment I made on their article.

This is how I will Always remember the former president.


A criminal, treasonous, agent of the New World Order. A threat to U.S. sovereignty. A shining example of the cause of this great nations decline.

They removed my comment, which is obviously their right. I merely wanted to share this story with you in hopes that the DP community will visit my local papers website and share any memories you may have of Bush 41.

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there's a unofficial statute of limitations

on speaking ill of the dead/dying.

Give it a few days.

I agree.

It was the fact that they published the article that led me to believe the former president had passed away. Last I had heard he was sick, I saw TCPalm article and immediately searched to see if Bush had passed.

If the paper did not want thoughts and opinion about Bush they should not have asked for it.