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Title: Questioning Violence in America

I have been moved to offer up these sobering words and questions in reflection of the Sandy Hook, Connecticut shooting, December 14, 2012.

What if the continuous and concurrent acts of violence in this country could be contributed in some way to our “Warfare State” and subsequent state of morality? What if the examples and legislations being set by our leadership ultimately solicit and help to generate such acts and serve to eventually exploit those acts by and in the very legislation and/or executive orders they push upon every American citizen in the aftermath? What if the fearing mentality of our Nation has grown from and been learned by hollow assurances of politicians and bureaucrats, many of whom have proven their ineptness in upholding their oaths of office to protect the Constitutional rights of the people?

What if it became apparent that America’s subtle propagation and sensationalizing of the very terrorism we disavowed over 10 years ago, whether in cinema, video games or through the enactments of legislation by Congress and the Executive leadership such as the National Defense Authorization Act, The Patriot Act and The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, were not only detrimental to the people’s Constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of privacy and the right to due process but were also responsible for creating an ever-growing propensity for dissent against and distrust in the counterproductive and destructive governance of their Nation? Maybe the violence isn’t limited to guns only, or if it’s decided they are to take the brunt for violent actions, is our conclusion then to reassess our entire use of guns, rather weapons and all weapon systems, whether military in nature or not? Should we reassess the use of unmanned drones as a humanitarian means of resolution, especially when the worst casualty of their use is that they disassociate empathy for the very life they are programmed to take and shamefully displace liability upon soulless machines as “collateral damage”?

Is the violence caused by the sponsored secrecy of the genetic modification of our foods? Or the health risks of chemical inundation supported by multinational corporations despite a mass of side effects reported every year from the intake of Aspartame alone? Is it caused by the infiltration of invasive roadway checkpoints and airport scanners without reason or suspicion of crime? Or is it quite possibly the effect produced by mass apathy and contentment, both stripping people of a multitude of civil liberties for a promise of security which the government has proven itself without the wherewithal or authority to provide? Is the violence we’re witnessing a manifestation of our demoralizing debt, an unwillingness to genuinely face it and the passive, loyal leverage we grant to those in positions of power who are able to create and increase it? Or is it a manifestation of a restless complicity to it all, which implicates us as willing to accept [violence] as a means to a secure country and a safer world?

How can we attribute violence to weapons if we refuse to attribute it fairly? How can a gun-free zone be made stricter? How can we even protect our children when we disarm those who we entrust with their safety? Can we legitimately put the issues of gun control on the table when they apply disproportionately to civilians? Where is the control of guns and weapons that injure and kill innocent women and children simply because they live in countries our government is conflicted with? What if we recognize that violence is made and unmade by human hands?

Justin Klinkebiel

What do you all think...the local newspaper has published all three of my prior letters-to-the-editor, but this is an attempt to be a guest editorial...over a week and no response...peace to you all...this is a very exciting time to be alive!

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Call the newspaper and ask

Call the newspaper and ask for the phone number to the department that handles this.

Ask the department what is the criteria used for selecting which letter is to be published.

It worked for me. I sent my in before the CT tragedy. Noticed that letters after CT were published and one on the same topic as mine.

I called the department, no repsonse. Sent two emails to department, no response. Escalated to phone number on their website. Which gave me the number of the departement. Left a message on the departement. She returned the call. Called me angry after I asked about criteria. Emailed her directly and again brought up about criteria. Received email that she will try to publish. She published.

Contact as many people as need be. This applies pressure, and pressure gets passed to the one responsible.

I had her by the milk cartons.

I think it's good.

This guy had some of the same thoughts and feelings you mentioned. It's a good article: