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When Romans refused to follow the emperor’s edicts, Diocletian voluntarily left the throne.

I came across this while looking at "10 fascinating economic collapses".

Its PROOF that if "we the people" just ignore the Government and no longer give it sanction...it will eventually become POWERLESS!

The Roman Empire was in decay when Diocletian became emperor in the fourth century. The economy was in disarray from a series of costly wars and previous emperor’s building projects that left Rome near collapse. With Rome’s currency worthless, Diocletian introduced a new system of coinage. At many times in history countries have risked economic turmoil to artificially increase the value of their currency. The issue with Diocletian’s new money, however, was that it did the opposite. There was more gold in the coins than the face value stamped on them; the denomination on the coin lowered its value. In response to this insane idea most citizens melted the coins to make use of their higher scrap value. The result was rapid inflation within the Empire. Diocletian increased problems by placing a price ceiling on most goods to counter the inflation.

Diocletian’s policies caused so much confusion that many Roman territories simply refused to follow the emperor’s edicts. As matters worsened, Diocletian became the first Roman emperor to voluntarily leave the throne. His highly flawed economic policies weakened the cohesion of the empire and the status of emperor in addition to further damaging Rome’s ailing economy.


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Just imagine if only 5% of

Just imagine if only 5% (or less) of the population voted...that's why I cancelled my voters registration in 2008. I do not participate, I do not consent.

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I'm right there with you TxRedneck

I've only voted 2 times in my 49 years on this earth. I voted for Ross Perot in the early 90's and I voted for another RP this year in the primary. I have no plans to ever give sanction to rulers again.

I'm now consider myself like LRC's homepage quote:

Anti-State, Anti-War, & Pro (Free) Market!

Ignorance of economics plus control of the money will always...

equal financial disaster.

Good stuff

I've been advocating that we need to stop paying "government" the most lucrative resource they could hope for... our attention.

We need to set up a constitutional system. Get some ballot boxes... have candidates, real debates... paper ballots... count them in public view... eventually we would have more people voting in our system (a republic) rather than in their system (a democracy).

We need to ignore the current system... it is obsolete.

And people think central

And people think central planning is some kind of new grand experiment...

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