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The White House Still Hasn't Responded to Any of the Secession (or Other Strange) Petitions

The White House's "We the People" website just got its most popular petition to date: a request to officially designate the Westboro Baptist church as a hate group. The petition was started on Dec. 14, the same day a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., left 27 people dead, 20 of them children, and the day the fringe church announced it would picket the victims' funerals.

The petition now has more than 260,000 signatures, far and above the 25,000 signature needed for official response.

But the White House has not yet responded to the Westboro petition—or to any of the rather uncommon requests that have flooded the site over the last few months (to secede from the Union, to make American Sign Language an official language or to nationalize Twinkies).

The White House immediately responded, however, to a petition calling to reduce gun violence after the Newtown shooting, an issue President Barack Obama has said he's keen to address. In a sit-down video response, Obama carefully explained the ways in which he'd work to make children's schools more safe.


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The whole petition the White House thing is stupid and dangerous

Is this really what we want our country to come to. This falls right into the NWO hands. This is bullstuff through and through. POTUS is not king and this is no way to run a country. It's like people have conceded that this is just one big game. Just get a few thousand ignorant people to sign a petition and have the president act on it? Let's think of who else we can get labelled as terrorists just for practicing their constitutional rights.

Just more proof that the U.S.A. is a joke.

At The risk...

...of another wildly unpopular opinion and assessment, I gotta say, that anyone who would petition this POTUS/Executive Branch for anything, is essentially an idiot.

It is and has been patently obvious that 'Dear Leader' is another in a long line of 'others' who have zero intent or interest in what the people think, have to say, or demand. 'Dear Leader' is simply advancing the globalist-collectivist ball down-field, as intended...representative government be damned, individual liberty be damned and Constitution/Bill of Rights be damned.

Rather than petitions pleading or asking for some relief, I would much rather see a 'demand, with consequences' that he toe the line, on whatever the issue de jour.

As I see it, of course.

He Promised To Respond

So I think the petition is a good idea because it puts him in a weird position of either having to respond or to break his promise (which he can be called out on).

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Selective governing!

It's what's for breakfast! And lunch. And dinner. Until the government prosecutes itself, I suppose.

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