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MSNBC: Gun Owners Should be treated like Sex Offenders (video)

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what we need to do is label the 'gun-free' homes. Anyone who wants guns taken away - proudly put a 'gun-free' zone in their front yard. Tell the whole world.

then see who the burglars target.

I seriously feel bad for

I seriously feel bad for anyone who legitimately watches msnbc...the stupidity of these people is alarming

And FOX is just as bad.

Two extremes on each side. CNN is reporting old news I read on the web 2 or 3 weeks earlier.

"We know"

Presto: Sheeple fact established.

Occupants Unarmed


If he's going to someone's house where they have a violent temper, the only difference between them having a gun and not having one, is the potential size of the "winner."

If the angry person is a big guy, he's going to do damage, gun or no gun.

Don't go to a house full of angry people. Especially don't send children, because they're small and vulnerable.

The purpose of having a gun is to give the small people a fighting chance in a fight.

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Reporters should be treated like home invaders.

It is time to start treating reporters the way we treat burglars that we find in our house when they call for our constitutional and natural rights to be violated.



I think the mainstream media morons attacking the #2A should be treated like sex offenders.

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I just finished commenting on another post (the lady slapping the TSA) with a suggestion of some group doing a PSA and that comment applies to the very next post I read!