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Woman claims she is mother of "Sandy Hook victim" who is alive and well.

Here is the post allegedly from the mother of Lily Gaubert who is incorrectly identified as Allison Wyatt.
If you cursor over the photo, the post from the mother appears.

I find no MSM correction, and even more odd, I find no parent of Allison objecting to having the wrong photo posted of their daughter.

Here is a neighbor grieving the loss a week later. It seems like she would have noticed by then that the little girl in the photos was not Allison, and that the little girl next door was not dead.

I don't know if any of these claims are legit, but it seems like if this was a hoax someone would have debunked it by now. Maybe someone here can get to the bottom of this?

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The people making me really laugh right now are the ones who think that this published author whose accounts across multiple sites with verifiable history and image galleries including pictures of her daughter (the one in the stolen photo) doing various activities as she gets older must be either a liar or made-up person in this story.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Those are two different

Those are two different girls...

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

Be kind, be Inquisitive

If.....we had an honest MSM. If.........we had an honest government, then I'd say let the people grieve, go on with your life. We don't and the grieving, among many other things, is suspect. In fact, a lot of things are suspect with hardly no information being given except inconsistencies. Given the situation, the obvious fodder for losing our rights, I think any research done is a good thing. Some may be flawed and/or incomplete, not proof but the attempt is good. If the media were doing the job they should do, not owned by the powers that be, it wouldn't be up to others to try to find answers. We have to fill the void however flawed or unprofessional we may be in the act or the telling.. When something is proven wrong, let the one who presented their thoughts know with links. This wouldn't be a slap in the face if done in the context of finding the truth, do it kindly. A thought crossed my mind when looking into this horrible crime or plot. I found several of the main players were 'new' to the area. If I knew how, would like to find out, of the 20 children who were so brutally taken away, How many of the families and others were a recent move to the area? The connection seems to be starting at least 2 years ago. Am I suggesting they are not dead? No, I'm praying they aren't. It rips your heart out to accept what happened. If indeed it did happen and was planned, can think of nothing more gut wrenching then the loss of your little child. This is a pain surpassing all others.
Every stone should be turned to find out the truth. To date, no Dr has come forward with the drug, if any, that Lanzo was on. Police said they had him in custody in the stairwell of the school. But he shot himself? TOO many things don't add up. Is there an acceptable answer? If so, we don't have it and if like several other 'events' we never will. Thank you Fishyculture for giving your thoughts in the manner you did. It's a question, a request for input, help, not a definitive statement of truth. Some of us are capable of finding information in areas others are not. Short of having someone IN the town, we are grasping, but too many inconsistencies to qualify as, 'at a straw'.


Severe case of bad journalism!

The poor woman who's little girl is in the photo is Cathy Gaubert, author of Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts

I can only imagine how upsetting it is for her to find her daughters photograph mistakenly used and spread all over the internet in such a way.

Quote from one of her tweets:
"I am heartsick. and totally at a loss as to how to actually contain it."

This picture has, and is STILL being used by this sloppy outfit at least.


One would only hope she does not stumble across this ill thought out thread before it can be revised.

Now, perhaps we can use our energy positively and help this lady alert those who did not do their homework and used the image by mistake.

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Wtf, over?

Look at number 4 in UAstudy's link:

"4. Ads may not be labeled as ads.
In another section of the updated terms, the company says ads will not necessarily be labeled as ads. “You acknowledge that we may not always identify paid services, sponsored content, or commercial communications as such,” the company wrote."

Wow. I can't wait to see my picture next to Snooky's for a diet ad. :(

This world is upside down!

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

The mother debunks it... where is the confusion on your end?

You don't show any tie between the two girls (Ms. Gaubert never mentions it in her post nor does your second link).

If people are making FB pages and saying the Gaubert girl is Wyatt... they are probably just copying one person's mistake.

Why are people voting this up? I don't think you guys have the analytical skills you think you have. Things like "Teacher saw two shadows running oustide" equates to "two more gunmen" - but it my eyes, it is much more likely that there were "two scared folks running outside amidst the chaos."

2nd that

i think people who are obsessed with the sandy hook conspiracy's should stay here but post that stuff at the the infowars forum or somewhere they research that stuff all day. this is not why i visit dp everyday and it's getting out of control, it's been out of control, enough is enough, please.

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What if it is a staged event? Should that be let go because some people have bought the idea that they're not allowed to think about "conspiracy theories"?

I think what's happening is some people are too eager to find the smoking gun evidence and they aren't being objective in their analysis. That's not cool, I agree.

But, what do we know for sure?

Are there any interviews where the people who have just lost dear family members produce actual tears and snot? If not, that situation, just by itself, is incredibly far-fetched.

Where are the victim family members calling for more gun freedom to prevent more of these tragedies? Statistically, at least a couple of very pissed off fathers should be coming forward and raising hell, calling for an end once and for all to gun-free zones......these guys just don't exist here?

Why is there a consistent pattern of utterly bizarre behavior with every witness/victim/official representing this event in the media? People discussing 20 butchered kids--often their own kids--are jovial, smirking, rambling about nonsense, etc.? If these people were behaving this way while testifying in court, a jury would assume they were full of shitt.

Men in camo pants and black shirts/jackets were detained--and then let go--at Columbine, exact outfit and situation with at least one "innocent bystander" in this incident...is this coincidence worth considering? If we were officials investigating an ongoing conspiracy by private parties, we would certainly spend some time focusing on a coincidence like that...why is it off limits in this conversation?

Should all this stuff be dropped because we fear an Orwellian label?

To be fair

I haven't seen evidence that this picture was "officially" reported as an image of a SH victim.

The general look and tilt of the head are the same, between this and the "official" pic, so some random jerk could have made an assumption and started spreading this, which is, it seems, all that the mother is asserting.

The post title indicates this is an officially-designated victim photo. Might want to verify that or alter the post title.

I'm all for nailing down definite evidence of fraud, but a lot of time can be wasted on things that are easily explained away.


Well, this intrigued me enough to spend 10 minutes in photoshop to compare both images.

Here it is: Allison Wyatt?

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

again and again . . .

I remain baffled.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Golden opportunity

I believe the "conspiracy theory" movement is not a hindrance to the spreading of liberty ideas, but a huge boon. Many who don't publicly or completely embrace conspiracy theories have still been exposed to some disturbing evidence and had seeds of doubt planted regarding how harmless and well-intentioned their gov is. They factor this in when assessing political situations and shaping their beliefs. From my experience, it seems that most people in the liberty movement are, to some extent, 9/11 truthers, for instance.

For this reason I'd say the obvious fraud (of one kind or another) that Sandy Hook represents is an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of doubt about government in the minds of a lot of people, and thereby grow the liberty movement. Especially because this incident is tied to gun control, an issue that gets an immediate response from many Tea Party types.

The 9/11 truth thing can be dismissed by many mainstream conservatives because dead Arabs and a someday police state aren't things that keep them up at night. Self-important liberal pukes taking their guns away is a different matter.

All this information needs to be captured, verified as much as possible, and organized in a compelling way and spread as quickly as possible. A viral documentary would probably be the best method.

Just my thought as more and more ridiculous information keeps emerging. Golden opportunity to wake people up, or at least give them a glimpse of what is seen by people who are awake.

Perhaps one or more of the parents

would consent to a grand jury investigation of all of these findings in the news videos, the discrepancies in reporting, past histories of certain public officials... their political connections... etc etc...

Is there anyone local who would be able to track down a few of these parents and get their opinion on if they believe the "official story" or not?

It would be very telling if parents would be willing to do so or if they elect to "just move past the event."

I myself would want an independent investigation by the people. The Daily Paulers have done a heck of a job of actually ferreting out quite a few FACTS regarding this alleged tragedy. I'm currently helping a friend with some law stuff (potentially starting a radio show) so I don't have time to do so but it would be great if someone could go through the various Sandy Hook posts and pull out what is "beyond a reasonable doubt" facts and evidence and put it together in one post.

Would you

be willing to talk to a complete stranger under these circumstances?

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I was just digging around a

I was just digging around a bit on google images to try to find more pics of Alison Wyatt and Lily Gaubert and found some interesting stuff. The MSM is also using this pic of "Allison Wyatt":


It definitely looks like it could be the same girl as in the other pic, but it's tough to tell because she's a little older in this one, the hair is different, etc.

There are also several other images of Lily Gaubert, but it's very tough to tell if it's actually her in the MSM pic that "Lily's mom" is supposedly so upset about. All of these pics could be the same girl, or it could be two different girls. They're definitely similar looking.

Is there something dubious going on here? Maybe, but it's hard to tell from which side it's coming. Are the media inept in getting parts of the story wrong (multiple times), or are they outright lying? Is this woman really Lily's mom or is someone pretending to be her and trying to make others think differently about this through lies, or just trying to make people in the "truth" movement look like fools by sharing "conspiracy theories" that the vast majority of people find to be insane and/or reprehensible?

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I sent a message with links

to WJLA Channel 7 to alert them and ask them to check it out.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

they should remove that

but you can see in the description they got it from a youtube video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzaKMSmgpC0 (2:55)

(Photo: musegal2, YouTube)

looks like lots of grief junkies based their fb grief pages on that video. Disgrace the media running with something with so little evidence.

can we see a link to the msm using this incorrect photo


from the instagram it seems that people are using it on facebook pages not in the msm. not sure of your point.

The mother doesn't claim to be mother of sandy hook victim who is still alive at all.

Why not seek these answers yourself?

I googled "Allison Wyatt ABC" and checked the images and found this:

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

and in the link you've just posted

abc don't use the offending pic from instragram, it uses the correct pic.

tomdif found one place that is using it: http://www.wjla.com/pictures/2012/12/connecticut-shooting-vi...

Why should i do your research?

"I find no MSM correction, and even more odd, I find no parent of Allison objecting to having the wrong photo posted of their daughter" is what you said. Not me.

What I've seen is one media outlet using the pic, one youtube and stories that it's on user created facebook pages.

Are you kidding me?

There's not a local person who can interview teachers, even ONE of the dozens of teachers/ school administrators and ask them if that interviewee (who was an eye witness) can confirm that there were dead bodies, blood on the floor, bullet holes in the walls and floors, spent ammunition laying on the floor, etc.?????

How simple can this be??

And yet not one single eye witness that can deny OR confirm the tragedy?

How about photos of school damage, etc.?

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I agree, If there is a hoax/mistake with one victim's photo

it need not be implied the whole incident was a hoax. However, when we see the advantage it might provide to those in the government who want the American populace disarmed, there remains the real possibility that the incident was planned and the shooter "controlled" with scopolamine or other mind control drugs and a hidden or protected accomplice to gin up public demand for disarmament.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


If someone knowingly uses false info by principle any fact they say afterwords is also discredited.

Some say it cant be proven or dis proven, is this your new religion?

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There are no doubt several "theys" in this story

and lumping them all altogether doesn't seem quite fair. Whoever initially mismatched name and photo in this case could easily be klutz, not a giant hoax mastermind. If you can prove they are then I'll accept your application of the bible verse here.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

So ... what's going on here?

So ... what's going on here?