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The Cost of War

Tomorrow, it is likely an American soldier will commit suicide.
The rate is about one suicide per day. Tell me taxpayers - we who fund the war machine that is the great defender of justice and the innocent - how high are we willing to let the suicide rate go up? Soldiers who were once willing to die for our country - for you - are choosing to kill themselves. Just think about that for a second. I can't stop thinking about it. You may write it off as just another cost of war. I see it as troubling to put it in the mildest of terms. The number of suicides this year have outnumbered the number of combat-related deaths in Afghanistan. Something is very wrong with that. What does it say about the war effort and it's purpose when soldiers resort to such a permanent escape?

This is not an issue that can be explained by just looking at the individual circumstances that apply to each soldier who takes his own life. It is much broader in scope. We should examine the whole system. But we, the taxpayer, support that system with every dime in our wallets. The end justifies the means you say?...I think it is this exact logic that results in all these suicides. We stay focused on the end while our soldiers deal with providing the means. And it seems as if those giving the orders don't care about the innocent nor justice. And so, a soldier's internal conflict begins with no end in sight.