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Conspiracy... to distract the Daily PAUL

I love the Daily PAUL, and it's a great source for debating and promoting liberty and learning about current events that relate to our freedoms. But lately, it seems, it has been overrun with conspiracy theories. It's getting annoying turning to the Daily PAUL and seeing the headlines dominated by Sandy Hook or Aurora or "definitive" proof that no planes flew into the WTC.

The Daily Paul was created to promote the views of free markets and personal freedom as espoused by Dr. Paul. This forum is to educate, enlighten, and to fight the real battles for liberty. All these conspiracy theories are a distraction and do, in fact, make us look "kooky".

My guess is that it's a small percentage of the Daily PAUL readership that really believes this stuff, but those that do are very active and vocal. It can become an obsession for people who want to "find the truth" and inform the rest of us. Some spend a great deal of time and energy trying to become internet super sleuths who will solve the crime of an elementary school shooting from 1000 miles away so it's only natural to want to share their findings.

So what can the silent majority on the Daily PAUL, who just want to read news and opinions that relate to promoting or defending liberty, do to reduce the fringe element of this site?

1. For the readers, Down-vote the conspiracy posts and conspiracy comments in regular posts. If the silent majority simply takes a few seconds to down-vote, these posts they will stay on the periphery.

2. Mods, can we add a Conspiracy Forum or at least make sure these posts are in "off-topic" or "weird stuff"? That way the people who want to discuss this stuff can go there and discuss it without cluttering up the front page.

To those on the Daily PAUL posting conspiracy threads:

Please understand that this is not personal and I'm not saying that every conspiracy theory has no merit or that the official story is always 100% accurate and doesn't require more investigation. I'm just saying there's a time and a place for things and by harping on conspiracies on the front page of the daily PAUL you can adversely affect the liberty movement. Please be considerate.

Don't get me wrong; I love a good conspiracy. They're interesting and mysterious. It's like solving a puzzle. I've spent way too much time watching videos analyzing plane crashes and building collapses for my own good. And I love Alex Jones and I think he has exposed a lot of corruption, hypocrisy and conspiracy; but that doesn't mean that every fantasy he has about secret members of the Illuminati plotting a multi-generational takeover of the world is entirely true.

Are there some shenanigans going on in the government and banking circles? Of course. But not every police officer, reporter and government official or even CIA agent is in on the coverup. And not every school shooting is a black-op to spur anti-gun sentiment or shut up a witness to a banking scandal. Sometimes crazy people just massacre people.

I know you mean well, but please be respectful to those of us who just want to fight for freedom and confine your theories to dedicated websites or perhaps a specific forum section on the DP.

My $.02

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It's not that I don't believe in conspiracies. Honestly I'm close to really truly believing this stuff. However, we aren't helping ourselves with these conspiracy threads all over the front page. That church lady would come to this site and discredit Ron Paul because of the conspiracy stuff that appalls her is associated with his name.

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Truth in those congregations

Truth in those congregations known as churches is fading and fading fast. God's name is there, but His word?

I quit church long ago. Most church attendees wouldn't know truth if it slapped them in their faces. The people in the pews and the one or ones at the lectern are gone, lost.

I don't know for how long, but the churches abiding government mandates for their creations and continuances has spanned many decades. The lectures are compromised, therefore they are propaganda. The pursuit of truth in church is found in excluding reality in some aspects of life and parading government in other aspects of life.

If you ask me, the only place church is found is inside the individual. Good luck -- and Godspeed -- to us all.

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The "conspiracy theorists"...

...are a natural constituency for the liberty movement.

Anyone who understands economics, history, and the nature of the State - i.e. any educated libertarian - should be a "conspiracy theorist," in that he knows that the State is acting for its own benefit, while only pretending to act on behalf of the public. That's the heart of every conspiracy theory, this simple and (once you see it) really obvious insight.

The only problem with the "conspiracy theorists" is that, once they recognize this basic fact about the world, some of them apparently jump from seeing that conspiracies are common to assuming that they're everywhere. After waking up, people's old worldviews are shattered, and they're susceptible to all kinds of silly conspiracy theories; their intellectual defenses are down. After a while, in my experience, they wisen up, and start to be able to distinguish the real conspiracies from the tabloid-style nonsense. I think the regular posting of materials of the latter sort on the Daily Paul is to be expected and even encouraged, because it's the work of new people passing through the early stages of waking up to reality, which is a good thing.

If someone is pushing a conspiracy theory which you think is groundless and silly, rather than attack them and make them defensive, just politely poke holes in their theory until they see the problem with it. Help them in their quest for the truth. The real loonies, who are impervious to reason...just ignore them, they can't be helped.

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WTC #7

... nuff said !

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It seems you forgot number 3.

Don't click on stuff you aren't interested in...


Same as the delete button in your e-mail account.

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The problem is

there are conspiracies.

My view is that the wild, stupid ones like 'israeli death squad did sandy hook' or 'tony hawk is actually playing one of the bereaved parents' allow the real, slightly more mundane, conspiracies to become marginalized or easily dismissed as thoughts of crazy people.

I also tend to believe that some of the people posting or fueling the wild conspiracies are trying to discredit the dp.

I think if examined closely there are probably only a handful of people posting the really crazy stuff.


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