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Police Stations should be "Gun Free Zones"

We should take this chance and promote "gun free zones" at police stations. Had the police station been gun free, then the suspect would not have had a chance to grab a gun from the police, then there would have been no shooting at all! I say we ban guns at police stations, make it like all the schools and other public buildings. Then we will be all safe!

treatment of prisoner

The investigation will not mention anything of the sort. Remember Rambo. Pay back is a bitch,just saying.

dave anderson

"We had a good racket going. Then this guy took one of our guns.

Anyone who has ever known a cop that was detained for domestic violence knows that they get the easy treatment, get to keep their gun and badge, and then they are rarely charged.

I had a neighbor who was a sheriff and other cops camped out at his house when he got loud but they were there to make sure their buddy was protected and never charged.

The rest of us suckers have to take the domestic abuse or go to jail.


I have a feeling this is going to be a good story...

Asked how the suspect got a gun, Deputy Police Chief David Harkins said, "I can't release those details at this time."

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Some of the comments are very funny.

Wonder how the liberals are going to explain this?

It seems to me people are making way too much of this story....

This is much more significant.

Number of police officers killed in line of duty spikes in 2011

The number of police officers who have died in the line of duty in 2011 has increased 14% nationwide from last year, according to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

read more http://articles.cnn.com/2011-12-12/us/us_law-enforcement-dea...

When you carry a gun for a living you should be prepared for....

.....the consequences.

When, as a prison guard, prisoners asked me if I would really shoot somebody, I stated that I took the money and it is part of the job. There are many prisoners I would not want out in society around citizens, and in an escape attempt you don't have time to find out if the person escaping is a good person or a bad person ( just because someone is in prison does not necessarily mean they are a bad person, especially since so many are in prison for crimes they did not commit). If you take the money for a job you should be ready to do what needs to be done.

Do I advocate shooting law enforcement personnel? Absolutely not. However, if police officers would not break more laws than they are enforcing perhaps so many of them would not get shot. Have you ever been illegally arrested? I have. Several times in fact (once for a speeding ticket I had paid 5 years before). Police will gladly violate your Constitutional rights in order to arrest you for a perceived infraction of a misdemeanor. The police in most cases are the real criminals because they have been given authority from the state to pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and against whom they want to enforce those laws. It is called 'discretionary power'.

My first day in Criminal Justice class the instructor, a retired sergeant from San Antonio, stated if an officer wanted to arrest someone but did not have a valid reason to do so, go ahead and arrest them. By the time you get the person to the station somebody will have thought of a charge.

Today, most cops are the real criminals. Only about 25% are peace officers, the rest are busy abusing their authority and the citizens.

looks like they need some armed guards there

just saying...

Put TSA in charge of all police stations!

The Federal government must DO SOMETHING!!!!!!


ahh..........make it a gun free zone???