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More Information About Adam Lanza's 'Uncle'

The New York Daily News had previously reported that an uncle of Adam Lanza said that Adam was taking Fanapt, a drug used to treat schizophrenia. This was published to give some 'factual' credibility to the media propaganda that Lanza was being treated for a mental disorder and therefore a reason for the murders. This interview was later debunked.

Now we find out that Jonathan Lee Riches was the imposter who claimed to be Adam's uncle (see: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/jonathan-lee-riches-v... ). Okay, this guy is a convicted felon and a bit of an oddball.

But if we dig deeper, we find Riches went up to Newtown Connecticut to visit the Lanza home two days after the shooting occurred according to the article, "On December 16, two days after the school massacre, Riches drove to Connecticut and sought to visit the home of gunman Adam Lanza. Riches, who videotaped part of the trip and uploaded clips to his YouTube page, ...".

Let's explore this further.

1. Why did Riches to go to the Lanza home?
2. What did Riches capture in the video clips on his YouTube page?
3. Was Riches working with other person(s) who suggested that he make the trip?

Here is a summary of the YouTube clips that Riches made (see: http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?p=Jonathan+Lee+Ri... )

If you mouse over the clips you can get an idea what motivates Riches to be involved with Sandy Hook.

Even though Riches presents himself to be a 'truth seeker', he appears to be just an opportunist looking for attention. However there may be clues in these clips that will provide additional information about the motive for the murders.

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there's a few 'uncles'

on here too unfortunately.

I watched a video of him obsessing over James Holmes too. I very much doubt the guy has ever been in sandy hook much less at adam lanza's house at least not before the shtf.

just checked his youtube feed and he only starts being lanza's uncle after the events take place.