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Question about species becoming extinct.

I am at a loss and seek opinions. Sanctity of Life has prompted this question.

I believe that individuals should donate to causes they believe in, but not donate to ones they don't believe in.

I don't want to pay 'taxes' to nation build overseas, I feel that nations should take a stand and stand on their own, plus I know that my frn's are squandered to those in power.

I do not want to pay taxes/fees to pay for birth control. If you need/want it, buy it on your own.

I DO choose to donate for causes of Liberty. Sometimes I DO want to donate time/money to my local church bazaar, or to a family facing life or death emergencies.

But what about endangered species around the globe? There are poachers who can't be controlled, and there are areas where there are no laws period. Humans rip apart forests, polute waters for their own gratification/profit. Some may choose to donate to protect endangered species, but many may choose not to. Should species on the brink of extinction simply parish because I or you may or may not choose to donate and/or pay taxes?

So I ask, what is your opinion? Who takes care of species facing extinction?

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If we started exchanging ideas rather than...

keeping the world in a perpetual state of war, more people would start to think about these types of issues. Currently, everyone is preoccupied with their own survival.

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Agree, but...

While I agree that giving us more time to think would be better for all concerned (except the puppet masters), I'm not certain of the premise of this question.

If a species no longer has its "input" (food source, environment, etc) then it cannot really continue as a "process", nor provide its "output" (dung to be processed, as well as being prey, and/or their carcasses serving scavengers).

It seems to me that asking "how can I stop this natural process" is a question that provides information about the person asking it.

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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy does take care of species facing extinction through donations. I have donated to this organization in the past and believe that it was money well spent. http://www.nature.org/newsfeatures/specialfeatures/2012-year...

nature conservancy is also

part of the un agenda 21

Up to you,

but I stay away from WWF (world wildlife fund), it is a UN front.