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Obvious Answer For Defense Of Schools/Airplanes!: Rubber bullets/Bean bags

Millions of dollars to the NRA and they can't even think to suggest blunt trauma ammunition?! C'mon! Parents and school boards can decide whether to allow this option as to not use force which we like. Shotguns can be locked up with fingerprint access which is such a cheap technology that tanning salons use it to check people in. Fingerprint access only requires using a person's gross motor skills as opposed to fine motor skills that'd be required to use a key or punch in a code. Fine motor skills tend to fail in high stress situations. This almost completely neutralizes the most common objection to having firearms in schools which is "the shootout at the OK Corral". Let's get this argument out there now so that we can put this baby to bed once and for all right now before we get smacked with the dreaded AWB. Saiga 12's would be ideal over any other shotgun considering what they'd be dealing with IMO.