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You gotta see this Snowplow !

You gotta see this Snowplow !


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Took my jerb!!!

No train to Stockholm.

Turk ur derb!


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Bet That Thing Would Cost A Fortune

Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire some kids? Cool robot though.


Nice enginuity.

Very nice. There is a time and a place for everything. For large areas and time constraints that would be a handy tool. But it's also a good idea to get the muscles working to stay in shape. I plow, but I also shovel, and then crack open a cold one. Or hot coffee :-)

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I've never understood why

I've never understood why people feel the need to shovel snow... all it does is uncover the slick surface and reduce traction... and waste time and money and when the DOH does it with their plows they destroy the road surface costing millions of dollars to repair and never as good as when they first laid it down.

Its almost as stupid as cutting grass. Like, who in their right mind would waste time and money and make devices to cut a tiny little plant?


Uh, if I don't shovel my drive, the snow gets compressed into a sheet of impassable ice that takes 5 times longer to melt.

That was awesome! So...how

That was awesome!

So...how much? I want to freaking buy it after this past week!

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Nice example

of what once made America Great.

People getting together and solving problems.

Just open the box and see

We just has 16" of not total

We just has 16" of not total light pow in Southern tier New York State.

This wouldn't do squat in that.


I spent a half hour shoveling the 'city section' of my driveway yesterday morning.

This thing is awesome, but for Buffalo and WNY, it would need a lot more torque.

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Now we can move to where it snows!

Thanks for sharing : )

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