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I need help with websites involving law enforcement.

I was thinking about making a websites dedicated to the corrupt and the very few good ones of the law enforcement community in ALL states. I am not good at making websites at all but if someone is willing to help with the idea of making a website/s about bad cops and good cops so that we can have a record of them.

The website will include videos on police officers who have harrased or helped their community. (also understanding the rights of the people etc etc.) This could be a youtube solely for the public to track who really is doing/knowing thier job as police officers and those who clearly don't/abuse thier power. Will include city and county they serve etc.

For the good cops we praise and send letters or admiration etc up to you.
For the bad cops we call thier precinct/ ask questions/ whatever we can do to expose them.

What do you guys think. Im looking forward to all of your thoughts and comments (add ons to the idea etc)

Instead of relying on youtube, I believe we should make a seperate category for this so that we keep a good tally of whatever it is they are doing without the heavy traffic of non-related subjects.


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Great Idea!

Along with those letters encouragement as Oath keepers!

aww sweet thats a great

aww sweet thats a great website copblock lol and its catchy ha thanks!

Another one


Here's one that already exists...


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