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What do you think of this flag design?

What do you think of this flag design? On the current American flag, the block of stars on the field of blue represent the union. On this flag, the stars distill to single stars in the center of the flag on fields of blue meant to emphasize the individuality of the States. The thirteen stripes still remain which signify the thirteen original colonies that declared independence from the British.


I hope to commission a seamstress soon to make one so that I can fly it at home. Let me know what you think and feel free to have your own made!

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Looks not bad.

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Prefer "Old Glory"

Also, love the CSA flag. Both are as American as apple pie!



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Vertigo inducing. No thanks.

However, a 'reversed color' standard is pretty interesting.

Take an image of a current US Flag. Change the red stripes to blue, and the blue field to red. Intriguing.

I also like the simplicity of the CSA National flag, currently still used by Georgia. I could see instead of a single 'national flag' (since we are technically a confederacy and not a unitary nation-state) that we use a design similar to the present one, but instead of a canton of stars, each state would put it's own seal or design there. (like what Georgia did with the old CSA flag)

I like our flag and am fighting to defend it.

Sorry, not bailing.

Visually, too similar to the Confederate flag.

So, sorry, don't like it.

I really like it

Reminds me of that flag from Jericho: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/jericho/an-examination-of-je...

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